Political threads

Stop making political threads. If I see a thread started that is political starting today. I will delete and ban user for 30 days.

Thank you!


Kinda funny :rofl:

What toooookkk so long!! That should eliminate several from even needing to come on forum now. :upside_down_face:

Could you define political? :wink:

Can we make it 90 days.

I’ll bid 180 days.

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Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz!

Sorry… i thought he might appear if i said his name three times.

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Raise you 185 :grin:. I occasionally like to come on satellite bc i get educated on items im not keen on. I like to grow the brain even at 62. But somehow w certain few it always goes down political RR Tracks. Oh well.


You could always limit new subjects by the same posters to maybe one or two a day. We have posters on both sides of the political aisle who post numerous times just in order to stir the pot. Maybe that will take some of the fun out of it for them and return the board to the purpose it was originally intended, the promotion of University of Houston athletics and topics that build a community rather than tear it apart.


To post, or not to post that is the political question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous posters,

Or to take arms against a sea of misinformation

And by opposing end them, with facts.

To post politics ~ to be banned,

No more sayeth the mods ; and by a ban to say we end

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to: 'tis a consummation

Devoutly to be wish’d. To post politics, to be banned;

To ban, perchance to dream, no more sleepless nights crafting a retort—ay, there’s the rub


You have to do it in a dark bathroom while looking in the mirror.

If you choose to do so, it was nice knowing you.


It’s just a simple matter of not changing the topic, whatever it is (religion, politics or backup quarterbacks) To . Another . Poster . … … … that’s when bad things happen and threads get closed because of nastiness.

Just stay the heck on topic and no one will have to get defensive.

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I think the student loan one has gone quite well.

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The problem is often what I taught my trial advocacy students to avoid-repetition. A poster makes a legitimate point but then becomes obsessed with it.


Or they make an illegitimate post and become obsessed with it. :crazy_face:


Please define what you consider a political thread.
Some posters are offended to read them. I fully understand that this is a private site it is indeed your site. The same one that are offended keep posting how irritated they are to read them. But why are they reading them in the first place? You do not like it? Why are you still “in it”?
Flags are in there for abuses. What if you had no flags? Again this is about being self conscious about insults me and everybody else included. Like life you receive an insult and the strongest outcome will be no communication between two or more posters. Isn’t it why the ignore button exists?
Are you banning political threads because you have to monitor flags? If this is indeed the truth then take away the flag button for this section.
Thank you and make it a great day.

Chris the rule never changed, you have been abusing the fact that they don’t just delete everything you post. I don’t see you making it a full week without posting something political. I’m sure you are just waiting on the election results in France, and will claim you had no idea endorsing the staunch conservative is a political post.
There is just no way to tell your political leanings by your daily Spicer take.


I think discourse on current issues is good as long as you keep in mind:
BUT demand overwhelming evidence to support the opposing proposition and…
even then we are not apt to change our minds


You see you can’t help yourself. Did I write about your abuses and the things that you write? No I did not. You had to make it personal. You just proved Coogfansadmin point.

Nothing personal, I just don’t believe you are actually unaware that you daily post overtly political messages. There is no way you are ignorant of this fact, so like your posts i called out this statement too.

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