Politics is trash


Just divides people

You are all here just to try to prove you are right or “convince” the other side of your perspectives

Truth is nobody will change their mind. Waste of time.

Only thing that unites a community of people is an outside threat. Until that happens, USA will always be a divided society.


We argue here, but people have different levels of commitment. It is more than mere argument.

Some actively work in campaigns as volunteers, some give money to causes and candidates. And many vote, though it is a pretty solid bet that not everyone on this forum will cast a ballot.


Any politics board will usually sink down to the level of its lowest common denominator. We have less than half a dozen here.

The old politics board was MUCH worse, at least so far.

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The problem is politics has become far too much of the identity of some these days. And that grows by the year, it seems.

That wasn’t always the case. At least not like now.


True, no one is influenced except me bc I’m moderate. It did enlighten me on the push by republicans to try and reduce Medicare and soc sec if they win enough seats. Hardcore dems and republicans can’t be changed only moderates. When trump won over hillary many moderates went his way for ex.

Otherwise we’re just saying our stance with no progress and fighting.

That’s it and especially the more extreme versions. And these people see the other side as evil. So you get folks whose whole identity is wrapped up in being against “wokeness” or opposing anything that involves fossil fuels. We are so polarized. I hope we can eventually move past this time, but given that many politicians only care about power and whatever will allow them to keep it, we’ll continue to see what we see now—the other side wants to eliminate the police and let in millions of illegal migrants and so on.

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Polarization is the problem where no matter their vote or position is unchanged. I decided a while back to stop voting for just 1 party all the time and to vote on what issues I think need addressed then the politicians need to work for your vote each time. It makes them more accountable.

It’s not the politics or even disagreeing about politics.

It’s the insults, projections, speaking for others and just coming here to be obtuse and no other reason.

Just offering my opinion.

Again trump won when moderate dems switched to him vs Hillary.


This sounds like a hunch at best.

Not everyone! :sunglasses:

I left out stereotyping up above.

Yeah I agree if you aren’t a liberal, better head to Texags, or you will be insulted on this board.

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The problem is politics discussions many time include ZERO policy discussion. They’re wastes of time essentially.


What are you waiting for?

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Yeah, we get links to a drag queen show at a community library instead of policy discussion. There’s definitely a lot I don’t know, so I’d be glad to learn about this or that. I probably won’t move from being a center-left Democrat, but I might change my position on an issue or two. But people are so entrenched in their political view that rational discussion isn’t going to happen very often.

When all you post is lies and you cyber stalk, maybe you deserve more insults

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Why don’t we just bring up policies of each party and discuss that with no name calling and insults? Can we? Lol

Like Beto , what are his policies

Especially on the PUF fund and property taxes

Good idea. Of course some will automatically recoil when they see “Beto” without even knowing where he stands on issues.

Property taxes: Wealthy corporations would pay more of their share, which will enable the state to lower individual property taxes.

PUF: He wants to change the PUF so that other state universities receive funding from it.