Politics - the policy has not changed

Hey everyone… there has been a noticeable uptick in political commentary and political threads. Coogfans policies have not changed and it clearly says no politics on this forum or any forum here.

If this trend continues, entire threads will be deleted and repeat offenders could face suspensions which seems really silly to do when the rule is clear.

Coogfans is a community to support the University of Houston and primarily UH athletics. Political arguing and internet comment wars does not support this community and only sows division.

Political topics and comments also blow up our inboxes with flags and complaints which is a time sink for the volunteers who run the site. Likewise politics runs off members who are here for the community and not political debate.

It’s all downside… no one’s minds are changed in these “debates” and it diminishes the community which is why the policy exists in the first place.

Thanks for your help.