POLL: Bench Deeper Than Phi Slama Jama Bench

The bench on this year’s basketball team is deeper than PSJ bench

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Let’s see what happens20 yeas from now. It will be easier to make such s comparison then

That was a special time.

To paraphrase.

“Bench, we didn’t need no stinking Bench”

We were ok there too anyway, That bench did what they needed to do.


I’m just glad we have a deep bench.


If you weren’t there to see both teams, you can’t possibly judge with any credibility.

Also, just like in the Oliver vs. Whitley debate, we need to see what the final results are.


Need to have a too early to vote button. The 81-82 team had 4 players eventually drafted in the 1st round of the NBA draft.

“Akeem” Olajuwon
Benny Anders
Clyde Drexler
Larry Micheaux
Michael Young
Lynden Rose
Rob Williams
Reid Gettys
Dave Rose

Next year Franklin and Winslow and the next year Anderson.

I know the box score says we are 10 deep but would Brady get playing time on that roster above?


Each team is/was great in it’s own time and own game. PSJ was deep, but not the strongest defensive team. Don’t think there was a 3 point line at the time and the game was played closer to the basket and with more fast breaks. Todays game is heavy on defense and lot’s of shots from behind the arc . . . . . two totally different games . . . . . Players abilities and skill sets and the way the game is/was played makes it difficult to compare the two. . . . .


Don’t let the name fool you. I’m 90% sure that our team was top 25 in steals and block shots Causing turnovers is the number one way to set up fast breaks and it was the way we finished those fast breaks that gave us our name.

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Here is the best example I can give you because I can’t find rankings. Houston averaged 81.4 allowed 73.2. North Carolina averaged 66.7 allowed 55.4.

At first that looks like Houston is the offensive team and North Carolina is the defensive team. But Houston average 12.9 steals and 5.7 blocks per game. NC averaged 14.2 steals and 6.6 blocks per game.

Those numbers are close enough, that I wouldn’t say Houston didn’t play defense in 81-82.