Position Changes

I just accidentally noticed some position changes on the roster posted at www.uhcougars.com.

Name 2019 Pos 2020 Pos
Willis-Dalton S N (I assume Nickleback)
Dekalen Goodson LB TE
Grant Stuard S LB
Jordan Moore S N
Ronald Nunnery S LB
Spencer Wells TE LS

Goodson, Nunnery, and Wells are the surprises to me.

So who is playing Safety now?

I think Stuard is going to go crazy at LB. Some of us were suggesting he move there last year because he’s not great in coverage but is a beast downhill!

2020 front 7 will be salty as ever.


Anderson (starter)
Owens (who plays CB and safety for us)
Sprewell (was starter/ injured last season)
Hypolite (Colorado transfer)
Thabo (ok state transfer)
Jovanni (WVU grad transfer)
Brody (sfa transfer/walkon)


Thanks. I guess we were crazy deep at Safety.

Stuard is going to be good in there.

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Stuart to LB is a great move!

Our LB play last year was terrible.



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Linebacker looks a little undersized. Also it has less depth than say a Cincinnati heading into the season. Cinci has 13 lbs and we have 10 so these averages are a little skewed but their crew averages almost 10 lbs more and are just as tall on average. Both average about 6 foot 1 inch according to their rosters (6 foot 1.3 inch for cinci, 6 foot 1.1 inches for us), but Cinci has bigger guys and more depth (225 lbs for Cinci and 218 for us) We do have the largest listed LB in Carmouche at 255 so that helps out our average. Their biggest guy is 235 and they have 3 of them (Beavers, Baker and Dublanko). This area seems thin and a bit of a concern when compared to a top AAC team.

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Even Navy has bigger lb’s. 6 foot 1.2 inches and 224 lbs. They are also thin with only 9 on the roster. But take Tulsa and SMU. Tulsa average 6 foot 2 and 221 lbs with 13 on their roster while SMU has 24 on their roster that average 6 ft 219. (9 of those are freshman!)

Cauthen looks like he would climb down off a tractor and whip your ###.


Grant won’t be going against their LBs, he will be going against their RB’s, QB’s, TE’s, and sometimes OLs. I don’t know of any LBs bigger than OLs, so that doesn’t matter. But Grant is the embodiment of Bear Bryant’s saying, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Grant has all the fight that one could ask for.


I don’t care too much about the average roster size of players. Pretty insignificant and an incomplete story.

I see us using a lot of packages and situational players.
Stuard is a hybrid safety/LB playing closer to the line.
Stuart is a hybrid safety/LB playing more off the line

Both are interchangeable as our our nickels