Positive Note- Recruiting

With all the negative talk, I thought I’d create a thread on an area of our team that will get substantially better in the Big 12…quality of recruits.

With our current conference affiliation, the following Texas schools have a recruiting advantage over us:

Texas A&M
Texas Tech

Once we join the Big 12, that number jumps from 5 Texas schools to TWO:

Texas A&M

I think we are all in agreement that the SEC is regarded as the #1 P5 and the place the top recruits want to play in, right now.

So…we will be essentially on even playing ground with the other 4 Texas schools…and even all of the non-SEC, non Blue-Blood types. Especially if a recruits wants to stay IN Texas or move TO Texas.

Obviously, this will lead to better athletes, more depth, more complete teams to play big boy football week in and week out.

It really is going to come down to how well we put together a recruiting team. We DO NOT have to compete with Texas & Texas A&M for recruits , we just have to be better at recruiting than our fellow Texas Big 12 Conference mates (Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor).

Luckily, we are dealing with 16 & 17 year olds so their view of our program in the past doesn’t mean as much to them as where we are TODAY!

Speaking of good luck. UT as a football machine is really bad to the point of being laughable. They are in for some real shocking losses this year. Without Manzel, and just on the average it has taken the aggies 5 years to be competitive in the the SE conference. They will get better recruits over time but they need a really good coach.

Have you seen their classes? It’s hard to get better recruits than they’ve already have. Same with horn. That’s why I don’t understand this logic that horn will get better recruits. They’ve been recruiting as good as the SEC schools for years. What both aggy and horn lack are legitimate coaches.

Their case is different than ours in that we now at least have the opportunity to recruit at a P5 level. Their jump in recruiting will be marginal. Our jump in recruiting will be exponential!

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will they really have a recruiting advantage when the only team they have soht of beating in the SEC is each other? :slight_smile:

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Random recruit:

“I’ve narrowed my decision down to aggy and horn”

Aggy: we beat them last year

Horn: we beat them the year before.

Other SEC schools: neither have a shot at a championship.

Random recruit: :thinking: