Possible winter athletes get additional year



i hope it doesnt pass…

for football it made sense…in basketball with only 13 players it will get crazy, scholarship limits, most of the 2021 guys already committed, not even accounting for the amount of transfers that would create from mid-major especially if the immiidiate transfer rule is applied

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OTOH, most of these athletes will not want to stay in school for a fifth or sixth year. They want some cash.

If you’re not good enough to get drafted or join a foreign pro league by the end of your actual senior year, I’d suppose most won’t bother to stick around. I could be wrong.

Something else: Those that do stick around will likely light up the transfer portal again, which might be exciting.


i think its the opposite… everyone thinks they can make the necessary improvements and create pro buzz if they come back, everyone good enough to atleast make a D1 “thinks” they are good enough to be a nba pro,. rob and corey both had little “draft hype” their senior year, both almost certainly come back if they had another year

it is evident by how NO ONE turns down medical redshirt years…memphis starting qb is on his 6th year…already has a bachelors and masters, and is now onto his doctorate…and if he doesnt build the drft hype he wants, he’ll be back for his 7th year …
if its a blanket waiver, that you dont have to “apply for” most will stay…its the borderline and sure fire guys that will go…and that like 50/60 out of 500-900 seniors

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I was under the impression that the extra year won’t count against the scholarship limit. So you can have more than 85 for football, and therefore more than 13 for basketball.


If you can fund it

I hear getting games is damn near impossible so at this point this makes sense and a lot of teams D-1 aren’t able to recruit anyway so if you have a stacked team coming back you get a chance to really coach them.

Sucks for the early commits and uncommitted but great for teams who’ve yet to fill out the rosters

The loser though is the HS kid - they just don’t know yet


So you saying DeJon will be eligible to lead us to back to back National Championships???


I think for one year the limit would probably be raise to accommodate those problems. You have to for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

Still only 200 minutes of “playing” time . . . . . with a team like UH, it will be tough for some really good players to get the minutes they desire, add more than 13 players to the mix, and it gets really crowded . . . . .

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You’ve heard of redshirting

all of it sounds bad from a logistic perspective…
your remove limit for 1 year, im guessing you are thinking itll be used to manage the freshman who have committed…the reality is itll be used to stack teams… the p5 are just going to raid mid-majors for its best players without fear of managing scholarship limits
redshirting is rarely used in basketball, forcing good players to redshirt will spike transfers because in basketball age is a detriment for pros…
and what happens after the 1 year limit removal…all you did was push the problem back 1 year.you are either pushing pushing players out in mass for 2022 or not recruiting high school kids in mass

as fans i get why its sounds fun, you can stack teams, and some of your best players can come back…and it honestly wont hurt the top teams (top 7/8 leagues), worst case they just have to force out their worst 4-5 players no skin of their back…but the players will be hurt the most …and then the mass amount of forced transfers and mass poaching
and so far all covid has done is reduce the season by 4 games …from a 36 game season (including post season)


Wow… Let’s speculate which seniors return for us…?


So is college basketball a winter sport ?? Because it starts in the Fall hmmm

Yes on Winter Sport. They run their season mostly during the Winter n have always been under Winter Sport. Interesting times to say the least.

In football no team should be under the maximum number of scholarship players allowed next season.