Post game interview

Apple Cobbler seems defensive must be feeling some heat

He should take the high road and resign right after he fires No’D. He should realize he and his DC are in over their heads and it wouldn’t be right to take money from the university while doing such a poor job.:blush:


Applewhite seems invested to me. He should fire defensive coordinator to save his job. I agree with other posters he gets one more year.


Last night a guy in my section screamed, “Give em your resume Applewhite!”. I’m guessing he meant resignation.

i wish he had hermans traits of calling people out, giving his real opinions of games…applewhite has never said anything bad about a player, a position group, a coach or game publicly ever besides “they have to play better”

his post games are basically useless…he tries to make it seem okay and says we move on
he never shows his real feelings on anything

id honestly feel better if he was calling people out and getting angry, screaming this is unacceptable…we gave up this many yards we cant fo that…etc
then i feel more secured that he was going to make changes


Leadership 101. You don’t publically throw your troops (players or coaches) under the bus. Principle is the same in all organizations. Actions speak older than words anyway. He’ll make his change at year end.


real life 101 every great coach in college football regularly calls out their player and coaches,
saban, Harbaugh do it almost regularly when it proably isnt even needed …

applewhite- we give up 600yds in a loss…“yds dont tell the full story, all we need is 1 more point and the defense made plays”
saban- lets team score 30 is a 30 point blowout win “this is flat unacceptable. We did not play to Alabama’s standard” * you see him in the actual game chewing everyone out

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I think Applewhite and Jason “the clapper” Garrett are the same person.

No great leader calls out his subordinates in public…that is weak!

He made it clear the coaches failed… offense and special teams…does he have to spell it out by providing names?


Nobody implied that CMA was a great coach and Harbaugh is hardily considered great. Truly great coaches do what they do and players/coaches produce for them to a point. They simply put up with it because of other benefits associated with being there. At your job, if your boss called you out in front of the world, called you out like this board selectively calls out anybody that makes a bad call, has a bad game, missed a tackle, etc. how likely are you to continue to bust your @$$ for him? Young coaches simply do not have the rep to behave like Saban or worse yet Woody Hayes. Objectively, there are few great coaches that behave like you seem to want ours to. They simply make their changes and say “we have decided to go in another direction” and move on. Probably an agree to disagree thing and I am fine with that. Simply not interested in trying to change the opinions of others. IMO, all I want is a coach that runs the program the right way and wins. Not saying we have that either, but I will stick to my belief that all new HCs need a few years to learn the job before they can truly be judged.


did you watch the same interview…we scored 49 points and he is saying we didnt take advantage of the Opportunities given . his basically said we should have scored atleast 60 if we wanted to win…

temple is not a good offensive team…they just scored 59 points on us…and he actually gives the defense credit in the post game…
no one is asking him to drop names…but show fire… same with smu post game, he made it seem perfectly okay for smu and usf to score on us…

leadership isnt pretending everything is okay when it isnt…he isnt just incharge of the football players, he is the face fo our program to our fans …


I’m an average fan and I had not realized how depleted our defense is of starters. What do you want Applewhite to do? They are shorthanded and the offense has to make up the slack, which they failed to do when they had opportunities.

I would like a new DC because this defense has been terrible all year long - not just the last 2 weeks.


At this point, I think our only option on D is to sell out for the big play (ie sacks, fumbles, interceptions, etc). Temple OLine destroyed our defensive front 7. I bet that at some point Temple could have done nothing but run the ball and we would not have been able to slow them down enough to beat them. Sell out on D, try to play penalty free and hope we can out score them in the end. Not a lot to hope for there and unrealistic as he!!, but it is what it is.

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he was like this before we were short handed…we didnt have elite defense before the injuries and just stopped being good…

and as the announcers noted it was still scholarship players playing…that yes Houston was down but the temple is destroying players that were recruited to Houston to play…
ed & carter are gone next year regardless, we have no major Dline players coming in…the guys that played tonight are the ones that will be the core for next year’s dline (payton was still in when they scored 34 in essentially 2 quarters)

and they just let a team that averages 24 a game to score 59…

and not so much what i want him to do…but to say, swear to make changes, call this unacceptable do something to show this wont be standard here…dont just constantly make it seem like its okay, now on to the next one…

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It’s not about injuries and so forth. At this time of the season, almost all teams have injuries to some extent. Fundamentally, he has not prepared his teams to come out and play on the road and now at home. He has consistently been out coached and that is not going to change any time soon.

It’s clear we whiffed and hired the wrong HC. With our schedule next season, this will be resolved. Just not sure what the damage will be


Then let him learn at Rice !!

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Where is Duarte? He didn’t tweet at all during game and doesn’t sound like he attended press conference.

Think he was sick. David Barron covered for him at the game.

Yep when we were fully healthy for the most part Rice scored above their season average against us but that was just shrugged off at the time as first game. Then tech scores 63 on us and that’s the second most points they scored all year except for Lamar-they haven’t come close to scoring 63 points except for those 2 games. We’ve never been a good defense this year even when mostly healthy.