Post Game Presser

Holgorsen’s players are starting to sound a lot like Sampson’s players. “We still have a lot of work to do” “it all starts in practice”, etc.

A very good sign.


Holgorsen has been very complementary of Sampson and sure seems smart enough to take aspects of his coaching that can translate over to football. That culture and work ethic works no matter the sport. It also helps that CDH has the basketball program to point to and say, “If you buy into this culture that is the kind of results you get.” What player wouldn’t buy in at that point?


Clayton is so chill and relaxed in his interview. Perfect mentality for a QB.


Success starts at the top. Not to take anything away from either head coach, but both programs seem.have inherited a bit of that Fertitta swagger. Confident but focused.

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Why did Holgerson get upset at the Marcus Jones question?

Dana said “You know better than that” after the question.

Do not understand his reply.

The reporter knows he is not going to discus injuries like that.


Dana never has and never will discuss a player’s injury status. Knowing this, that question was a bit ill conceived or ignorant or both.


I gotta agree with CDH on their QB. That kid did magic many times. Escaping like Gary Ward, making passes while on the way down or covered up. That kid will indeed be special moving forward.

I do wish we had the receivers’ hands of 2011 and 2015


Dana has a policy with injuries unless the player is done for the season he will not talk about it.


A polite way of saying FO !

Its his job to ask that because he knows we want to know.

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We want to know if someone is injured but he has no reason to tell us. He really shouldn’t this isn’t the NFL where they have to submit a injury report.

I just don’t understand that hairstyle. Awesome athlete and a heck of a speedster nonetheless though!

Gary Ward again? Come on man! Get the name of that legend right! You’re right that QB they have is special! Would have loved to have the Coogs rough him up though!

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I think Gary Ward is an inside joke when he was called that by ESPN once.


Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Calling Greg “Gary” is not an insult to him but rather an insult to ESPN.


Gary Ward is a long running inside joke here on coogfans


Dana is 100% right, he should not let the media, I.E. the other team, know the status of our players and what the injured. You know a lot of dirty coaches in this game will have players target that area when hitting and tackling. And you don’t want them to know who to game plan for. Good on him.