Post OK State Presser

Errr…the defense scored a TD and a safety. I don’t think the issue is defense. Dana already fired an Oline coach who now may win Oline COY for Mizzou and a WR Coach who was a past winner of WR COY.


That QB of theirs threw into more coverage than Smith yesterday. And he still led them to 43 points. Our defense is one of the worst in the conference.

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I am SOOO tired of this guy’s BS. He sounds like a broken record.


The D has issues certainly, but remove the Pick 6 and we scored only 23 points.

OSU had five drives for 27 points without a UH response.

Where was the O in between those drives?

Criticism should be equally applied to the lack of O as well as the D.

UH football is a hot mess on both sides of the ball.

I was hoping Belk would give Dana the Buddy Ryan treatment

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Just listened to the Monday presser. He sounded pretty relaxed and doesn’t seem to be feeling any hot seat. They really just need to have a spokesman talk for him lol. Two funny tidbits:

  1. He likes 11a road games because he just wants to get it over with and get home. Not get back at 3a. Lol, tbf, I think he was trying to say sitting around all day waiting isn’t ideal for team. As always, he says things in a way that sounds bad/dumb.

  2. UCF’s offense and talent is as good as we’ve seen. A team transitioning from AAC has B12 bodies?!? :joy:


For those that want to compare us with the other new teams.

If UCF beats us they will be 6-6 and bowl eligible.

If BYU wins they will be 6-6 and Bowl eligible….even if they lose that is five wins.

Cincinnati will finish with 3 or 4 wins but beat our a$$ at home where the score is not indicative of how badly we were beaten.

So I would say with the Rice loss we are clearly the worst of the four new schools.


I just hear this guy and imagine I’m hearing a guy campaigning for office. Its just one phony take after another.


Where can I access the Monday PCs?

They lost by 1-2 points to Baylor, Tech and OU and beat Cinci and Boise State by two on the road.

On our side we have 1-3 point wins over Baylor, WVU and UTSA and only one close loss (Rice in double OT by two).

Three of our four wins have been by three or fewer points. Only one of our seven losses has been by fewer than seven points.

When is the last time we played three good quarters in a game? We always play either a good to mediocre first half or good to mediocre second half.

I’d say maybe Sam Houston…a team that just converted to FBS.

Have you ever tried playing two halves against Rice? It ain’t easy.


Go Coogs asked him about possibly still being in bowl hunt at 5-7. He said he doesn’t know how that works and that they’ll be plenty busy in Dec with recruiting, portal and staff. He then had the biggest throat clear and cough of his tenure.

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Why don’t we have big12 bodies now if they suddenly do?

Yeah… that was gross lmao

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The UH athletics leadership and FB coach employ the same strategy when it comes to media. Just say anything that comes to mind and get out of there.

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