Post Season Ban & CFP

So, if a school is banned from the post season by NCAA, their conference or any other post season ban… would they still be in the CFP rankings?

I don’t see why the committee would bother ranking a team that is ineligible for the CFP since the whole purpose of that ranking is to see who plays in the CFP/NY6 bowl. However wouldn’t it be sweet to see Baylor get a post season ban and then the committee ranks them in the top 4 at the end of the season.

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The cubbies will not be banned from the CFP or the NCAA …

They haven’t actually broken any football/other sports rules … well maybe ugly unis.

They will be however RAKED OVER THE COALS and BBQ’d by the media and press for their off the fields transgressions.

And since McLane is footing the law suit bills then he will be transformed/reduced from a top grocery store billionaire to a mom&pop corner store pauper.

actually, it has been mentioned previously, but the NCAA might interpret being shielded from prosecution and the normal due process in the rape cases for the football players as an improper benefit…and therefore rules were broken and that could be enforced. Also they could site Baylor for lack of institutional control…so it is possible and I think probable that they will get slapped with some form of probation.

How about Title IX infractions? Those won’t just be civil suits, will they? I believe the NCAA is obligated to rule on those infractions. I would be surprised if Baylor actually doesn’t announce self-sanctions. Shouldn’t say surprised. I can see where Baylor won’t take pro-active steps like that – if they don’t even plan on dismissing any of their coaching staff.

They’re so arrogant i could see them giving the assts all raises. They won’t self punish, but if they were to, it would be something like making the players go to extra chapel; the ones that aren’t rapists, i mean.

I think in their report they mentioned self-reporting “other” NCAA violations that weren’t associated with the rapes. Rumor is that the investigation turned up payment to players.

Payments. Surely the forces will see THAT as bad and put the hammer down.

This scandal might just arrange things perfectly for the Coogs to exact some sweet revenge from Baylor. If the Coogs get in the B12 and Baylor gets sanctioned by the NCAA, then the Bears might be a terrible team once the two meet. I wonder if Herman would really pour it on Baylor to satisfy a Coog Nation that will certainly be baying for Baylor blood.

Baylor is going to see sanctions and more. They aren’t coming out of this anytime soon. That brand new stadium is going to look like the old one did—empty.

NCAA has been awfully quiet…would like to hear that they are at least investigating

No 93, it wouldn’t be sweet for BU to get a ban and be in CFP top 4 at the end of the season. What would be sweet is if they finished 0-12 and last in the FBCS sub-division.

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