Post-Tulane Game Monday Press Conference and Teleconference

Looks like Stuard will play more RB, and hopefully Bryson can play

Im starting to feel that Ed wont play by the tone of the presser

“We’re at that point with our roster. I don’t think people listen. We’re at that point with our roster when you have the turnover that we have in this Football Program with 3 different coaches in 4 years you’re going to have turnover and you’re going to have to play. So everybody has to be ready, we have to coach everybody like they’re going to be ready to play. That is the facts, Its easy to have opinions when you have no facts. Those are the facts.”


Probably the realest thing he has said since being here

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That was one of the better CMA press conferences. You can tell he started relaxing when asked about Ed considering shutting it down and it went from there. Loved the bit about Stuard going to Briles last week and asking if he could play RB and how CMA started laughing immediately.


Transcript if you couldn’t watch the video

When Stuard ran, there was an immediate energy forced into the offense. The crowd responded. This boy’s future is on offense.

I am sure Kendal went and asked for more time with Stuard this week. They need that kid. He is our new Brandon Wilson, Mr. Everything.