Poster claims practices are like Levine's

From a poster who claims he’s in the know from another site that shall remain nameless:

“From ppl in the know, apparently we are practicing like we would under Levine and that Herman doesn’t know how to get the players to react”

This is so laughably unlikely I am aghast with incredulity. I post here for entertainment purposes.

This is why I post on that site less and less. There are more and more crazy trolls every day.


Today’s Practice Report

Its gotten bad on that site. Obvious trolls are allowed to post 100s of times before they get booted.IF they get booted.

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Greg Ward said “the effort sucked” several days ago FWIW

Herman says things like that occasionally, that hardly supports the troll’s thesis.

utter nonsense, most likely…our coaches demand perfection and are hard on the boys who dont push all out 100%…that hardly means we are practicing bad…

Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t CTH say last year say our receivers were slow, bad hands etc. during practice and as it turned out NOT! CTH would not let a bad practice happen without consequences to the players and his assistant coaches.

We have another site!!! … oh yeah it’s been so long since I posted there I’ve forgotten about it …

COOG inDIGESTion … was it? …

I do miss ole Pearland and his goofy meemaw and I gather CoogBong is posting like gangbusters since I’m not there on his case/chicken bones anymore


Oh yeah CTH and his style are on the humane side of the Junction boys style … with occasional water breaks where Bear never gave them …

Levine was more Junk’ionville where the offense for traditionally the first game was a crap shoot and hit and miss … with the misses showing up more.

While not like Levine’s in any manner, there have been execution issues…especially with dropped passes. But, it’s the first friggin week of pads and they are whupped! CTH understands that and has tempered his harshest criticisms to this point. I haven’t been there, but do get first hand reports from someone who is. No need for concern at this point.

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Hey Lowbehold - thanks for the straight skinny.

Any chance the person in the know is Dana Dimel?


Our coaches kept practices closed to public and they got mad

Keeping the bar high is difficult for people with a loser’s mentality to recognize. Always focusing on what needs improvement, rather than resting on the laurels of what went well, will keep winners hungry to win more. Any analysis we have seen or will see out of these coaches, and hopefully their players, is a far cry from a crushing deflation of their egos; rather it is constantly seeking improvement and constantly striving toward goals, and not allowing anyone to just cruise their way into goals.

He may or may not be practicing the same but I do know the results are different.

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Reminds me of that scene in Hoosiers when he closes practice.

Some say he was just yanking chains, but he posted again being very defensive and how he was in with the “equipment managers”. Also an undergrad.

The thread has since been deleted.

Equipment managers figure the practices are the same because the equipment is the same. Right?


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