Potential head coaches

And even more similarity, if successful, would be gone in 3 to 3 years.


Which explains the paycheck. We’re paying him to stay. If he has a plan, the plan will follow, UH has money (even if Tilman), and it will get us into a P5. We have to make Houston a destination school for everything instead of a winning team. Why would people commit to teams that don’t win all the time? It’s a destination for them

Thus is our fate. If we keep launching careers we’ll have our pick of the litter when it comes time to hire a new coach. Maybe we’ll eventually get lucky and have a worthy coordinator to promote who stays for longer, like Chris Peterson at Boise or Gary Patterson at TCU.

Seems to me that who the “good” coaches are changes pretty fast. So who is good now may not be who is good in 2 years. Personally, I say let him coach his full 5 years and if the AD wants to fire him after that he can or he can re-sign him.



I would suggest we hire Bill Belichick, but he’s having a bad season so obviously he’s a bad coach now.

This is silly, we should not even consider replacing Dana unless he doesn’t turn things around in a couple more years, but I think we should give him his full contract.


I agree with most of you. Dana should get until year 4. For a couple of reasons.

  1. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Would be insane to pay him $12M to walk after this season.

  2. Dana is more accomplished as a coach than a Levine or Applewhite. He deserves a little more leeway to build his program.

But some of the ridiculous arguments you guys are throwing out is absurd. Saying we would complain if we had Saban. Or as if Dana has been so great that only Belichick would be a step up.

Dana has been pretty terrible here so far. It’s okay to acknowledge that.


This is a problem that stems back to the Levine firing. I love Dr Khator, but that quote of hers has been taken out of context over and over again and has really bit her in the ass. The last two firings at UH were coaches that were fired with winning records. That is not a good look.

Despite thinking he was a bad hire, I have said Holgo will more than likely get four years here and nothing so far has changed my opinion on that. I think we have to stick with that no matter how poorly he has done thus far. We have to change our reputation of firing coaches without giving them enough leash to really see if they can succeed.


The school guaranteed a crapload of money to Holgi. He is getting at least 4 years even if we have a losing record again next season.

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This thread makes about as much sense as discussing potential Presidents for the 2024 election.


You made the OP’s point. Just as with DT where 40% of the country thinks he is getting the job done, 60% thinks he’s let it go to crap.

On CDH, from what I hear…he has a rebuilding strategy but is struggling to A) get the players to buy in and B) build depth.

In reality, he needs time to get this program in the right direction long term. He isn’t going anywhere for two seasons so this thread is way premature bc in two years IF it comes to that, we would have very different options.

We have done this before. Remember the love coach Kim Helton? We gave him 7years…7years (Only 2 (7-4)winning seasons). That is what we want to avoid. Never again do we want to do that. He waisted most of the 1990s for us. I fully understand giving coaches a chance, but you have to know when to “cut the bait”. Applewhite was regressing and embarrassed the school his final game…you had to cut the bait. Tony embarrassed our school not only once, but twice in program destroying losses. Holgerson will get his full contract, however, so far he is headed in the wrong direction. He must right the ship quick. Playing this way next year is unacceptable. Excuses like (they were better than us, unacceptable.) He was brought in to play uptempo football, not look like he forgot how to win. He has got to right this thing soon or he will lose the fan base. Next hit will be the little money we do make and support. (We don’t want that.)


I would rather discuss the 2024 election than this.


What a ridiculous and quite frankly, irresponsible post. Not to mention immature.


It shouldn’t be an issue until there’s a “Fire Dana Holgorsen” website


2024 Election Candidates ? Easy…
Godzilla vs. Mothra
Book it.

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Why not, if Kanye can run, so can all of us including Godzilla and Monthra!


What the hell has happened to this place? LOL Threads are either dumb or get politics dragged into them. Or, like this one, both.

What a train wreck it’s become.


Maybe you guys should read the article in the thread named "Is Houston improving under Dana Holgorsen? Underdog Dynasty. I think it is a great read and gives more insight into CDH’s situation.

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After Case is finished, which will be a while from now.