Potentional Next HC Candidates

I hate this whole topic, and if we make the Big 12, I think it becomes a moot point, but did see this out there…


If Tom Herman left, the school would undoubtedly want to think big and bold given the recent success and financial resources that have been poured into the football program. Art Briles may be too toxic politically, but Kiffin would be splashy and continue the recruiting success Herman started.

Better than Briles 2.0 is about the only thing I can say on this one.


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I would not take Briles back, because he would leave us for Kansas, first chance he got.

Also, the rapes.


1000 No to Lane Kifflin…Same to Briles, Sumlin, Gene Chizic(sp), Muschamp, Gus M at Auburn…

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Repeat after me: “We are NOT in the market for a new coach!”



next head coach is already here if CTH chooses to leave, his name is Coach Orlando.


Hell I wouldn’t let him in the Athletic Alumni Center, much less the field.

Good Grief! I’m amazed that we are even giving time talking about that dirtbag.

Why do people have the perception that we want briles? Also, why won’t people listen to two freaking words CTH says and stop with the job hunt garbage. I’m just going to post this every time I see a job hunt article from now on.


Really hard to predict 10 years out ! :sunglasses:

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I like Todd Orlando myself. I like Herman and Orlando together better.

This is the kind of thread that I just don’t see necessary.
With all respect to the original poster and his right to free speech and I credit him for " hating the topic"
This is a period of jubilation and progress.
The title " instigates"
This is the kind of stuff Herman does not want.
Although a single post may not deter a recruit… and nobody wants to even
imagine Herman leaving…
I would think this would be posted by a TROLL and not a coog that has suffered for so long as we
all have.

I’m I missing something ??! Why is this thread up. A little premature ain’t it. Honestly, I don’t think coach will leave after this season. I’ll leave it at that.

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