Powell to the portal

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Hate to see him go, he had fallen to 4th in the depth chart for Cs and it’s his 3rd year so I understand

Well crap. Best of luck to KP though.


Best wishes to him. Can’t blame him for seeking more playing time.


Maybe he’ll end up at TSU.


Understandable, best of luck to him

Feel for the kid…Coach knows best but I just felt they should have gave the kid a chance after being with the program for 3 yrs.



Made sense. Its his 3rd season and the guys getting big minutes this season were:

Chaney, Jwan Roberts, Jarace Walker and Javier Francis

Would’ve been tough to find consistent minutes this season

Good luck to him!

Tough. Wish Powell the best going forward.



Hate to hear it.

Nothing but the best of luck to him.


Don’t sleep on Bowser he’s probably the reason Powell decided to leave. Otherwise Powell would have probably left in the summer. But he felt he could fight with Francis for the backup C spot.

“Know very soon wheres he’s headed.”

Kiyron, its Penny…


Tulane would be a nice spot for him

Transfer destinations for Powell?

  • AAC school (Tulane, Memphis,etc)
  • WAC school (Sam Houston St, SFA, Lamar)
  • Transfer back home to Indiana

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Thinking he may go play closer to home. From Indiana

Good for him. He wants to play. Can’t fault him for that!


school pretty much starts everywhere tomorrow so he didn’t go into the portal this late not having some type of pre-acceptance / transcript already sent off - going into the portal this late ensures the limit on who has space to accommodate him

the timing is extremely poor… schools have already started for many and cant add new guys…

a week ago he would have been pure gold, teams are dying to add bigs , and would have had his choice of top schools…or low schools if he wanted major pt

its about who can even take players, at this point

the timining for this seems so poor… on powells end
maybe it wasnt on powell timing… we picked up bowser (likely aour failsafe) and got word of our top option we thought was closes opened back up…and we are now out of ships but want to win the title??

hmmmm :eyes:

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Top option such as??

BREAKING NEWS Kenneth Lofton Jr, is leaving the Grizzlies and returning to college

:smile:, kidding. There’s no one in the portal left. Bring in Tugler a semester early, with that free roster spot

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