Practice Report 9/15/16


Wow…Chicken Knowles has finally put weight on and muscle. I expect a big senior season from him. NCAA tournament is with in UH’s basketball team grasp.

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Btw, this year’s team looks focused and hungry. Hope big Valentine will be ready once season starts. Go Coogs.

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Chicken looks the same to me.

His problem has been that he is a light weight between the ears…and I am not referring to intelligence, but
rather that he is not tough enough and doesn’t believe in his own ability and talent.

If CKS could somehow infuse him with some meaness, he could be a hell of a player and no doubt help this team.

Will have to see. Not sure that it is in his personality.

Nah, Chicken looks bigger than even last season. All we need him to be is a pretty good role player and UH will ok.

He is 6’10 around 220 now. Maybe as much weight as he will ever gain while he plays basketball.

Big Val and Davis look like they know where the weight room is. 5 guys 6’9 are taller. When is the last time we had that height and 4 with good weight.

Morris and Armoni look good at first sight. Chicken needs to use his quickness and athleticism and think quicker.

This team may be much better than last year.

Not to sound too negative as I have complete faith in Coach Sampson…

however, I worry that we have 5 players 6’ 9" or taller and yet will have no BIG man !!!

Don’t worry EE, I hear that Chris Harris kid is coming next season.

He better…I think he may have already used up most of his eligibility.

Don’t hold you breath.

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Thanks Pray 10 for being so active keeping us out of town Coogs informed.

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