Pre-game Thread AU @ Houston

Arizona at Houston (noon ET):

“Houston Cougars defensive tackle Ed Oliver made headlines when he called out Heisman Trophy candidate Khalil Tate this offseason, and now it’s time to back it up. The junior quarterback is now running Kevin Sumlin’s Air Raid, presumably making him even more of a dynamic threat than he was last year. The Cougars will need to play better defense than their Week 1 win against Rice because the Wildcats can hang 50 if they’re playing fast-paced.”

Nothing in Arizona’s performance against BYU at home made me believe they could hang 50 on anyone but an FCS school. I’m not saying that Tate won’t be able to get his yards and some completions, but the Wildcats struggled mightily to put points up.


UH is at home and hungry to win this one. Home opener with a big crowd behind them. I have a feeling UH will bring their A game and not their C- one.

UH 45
Arizona 32


I agree with you. I saw the same inaccuracy from Tate from our game last year. This weekends game was NOT pretty, but hopefully, it was the game they need to keep that chip on their shoulder and they continue to mesh and improve.

CMD IMO called a good game, but the players are still learning. So I am concerned that we will see the corners 7+ yards deep as a result.

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That cushion drives me crazy. CMD’s defense gave up 17. Yes, Rice missed three FGs, but two of those misses were because the D held them to long distance shots. The other one was just a shank by their kicker. Although it felt like Rice completed every 3rd down, they were only 11-22 (still not good; should be lower than 33% ideally), and the defense held them to 3 second half points.

My gosh, I hate that cushion!


That’s the schemes most of the B12’s teams run. And I hate it lol

I was glad to see Rice made a good game of it yesterday.

Better to have faced adversity and conquered them, than to be falsely secured by a cupcake win.

Beat Arizona!


True. Like last year. 38-3 without quite the offense UH has this year. I believe Kyle Allen was the QB in that game.

With the kinks in our offense worked out, the anti-Scumlin motivation factor, and a home field advantage…I think we pull this one out in a close match.


We were slightly better in the fourth quarter in this regard. I remember seeing a stat flash at one point where Rice was something like 9-13 or 9-15 on third down. Not sure if the rest of the way was adjustment or Rice just getting desperate.

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imo the game goes 2 ways…we win in close game or we win in blowout

Arizona’s offense didn’t improve as the game went along (they kept tate in the pocket all game)…and i watched some highlights of him last season, it was a read option offense…the didnt run the option ONCE last game…
arizona isnt going to find a whole new play book in a week…IMO the loss also wasnt bad enough to implode the entire offense …they will try it again with us (which i think is good for us)

Tate: is a bad passer with a strong arm…he isnt hitting any tight window. but an inhuman athlete. He is also obsessed with big plays…AU had 3 drives to win the game last night…he tried like 12 times to win it all in 1 play, with constant 60yd bombs…he isnt systematic, he sees tds, not 1st downs

imo the game will come down to if our DBs can stop the flurry of deep balls that is certain to come


We have to be able to dominate the line of scrimmage and establish our running game. It is 101 Football but always overlooked by the media. Only then can space/opportunity open up. We have the play makers to do so. On the other side JJ Taylor is a hand full. The less is able to play the better the game’s outcome. He is their primary weapon not Tate. He gives them the ability to run deep plays. I can tell you first hand that we had no answers for him last year. Let’s all hope we do have an answer now.

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This is a spot on assessment of what I watched last night too. Poindexter is a legit 6’5” WR and Tate couldn’t hit him with a deep ball to save his life. But he sure did keep trying.

Having real game film to study our players in action is invaluable for our coaches.

Film seasions and practice will be more fruitful now fhat players can see what coaches have been stressing. See what works and why, see how some poor decisions or lack of focus cost the team.

Both sides of the ball made mistakes, but winning and having film on the team should help UH make big, positive strides from game 1 to game 2.

Learning from wins is a great thing, and better than the alternative.

Go Coogs!


Hey guys, I’m back. I hope everybody recovered from the hurricane OK.

Regarding Tate. Apparently he has decided over the off season that he wants to be known as a pocket passer and not just an athlete who can throw the ball. He feels it’s his best path to the next level. If they keep up this charade I don’t think you’ll have much trouble next Saturday.


BYU was pushing Zona’s O-Line around. Zona’s D-line is a bit undersized as well. We need to dominate both sides of the line of scrimmage and we can come out with a W. I think our secondary will be better but we need our offensive line to get better with run blocking quickly.

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I thought they prezsed up way more than last year, there weren’t ant successful pas plays that started out around the line of scrimmage

I watched last night’s Az. game. Sumlin, by design, was trying to make Tate into a pocket passer.

Tate rushed for something like 14 yards.

The Wildcats’ D-Line is a pile of blubber, and BYU ran over them, especially in the 2nd, half.

In the heat and himidity next Saturday we should wear them down and get a solid win.

No kidding. I have a killer headache from a screaming and heat combo. Drink more water Y’all. Crowd needs to stay in it too.

In Sumlin’s post game conference, he mentioned that he thought he had some speed at wide receiver and threw long to make plays or get pass interference calls. I am sure he will test our guys.

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