Predict 2024 record

How can anyone predict next year’s record when we don’t know what the team will look like or who the coaches will be?


I think we are all assuming CDH will be at the healm…so the player part doesn’t matter.

He’s had multiple high NFL draft picks on his squad and couldn’t win the AAC.


Good point. I’m thinking we might see a change at DC. I know many here demand it, like they control such decisions. Dana was very upset about the multiple substitution penalties and I’m pretty sure that’s on the DC.

Belks been coaching long enough to never mess that up. He’s not a novice.

If CDH is back then we know Smith is the QB. Smith will probably be a little better but not a world beater. More tough roadies, less home games, less home crowd enthusiasm, and no gimmee like SHSU on the schedule, etc… a couple transfers that we bring in over the next few months and might start aren’t going to swing us multiple wins. We can easily predict a reasonable range of what to expect next year right now.

We are about a 3 win team as a floor and 6 win team as a ceiling in 2024. 4 or 5 is most likely. Same trash as this year.

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even if we change DCs, its not like we will be able to get a top guy - who wants a one year audition knowing CDH and all the coaches are VERY likely to lose their jobs after next year if the team underperforms? Might see a bit of improvement but no chance of a huge leap.

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7-5 in Dana’s competitive football goal.


With CDH at the helm and the same staff as this year, 2 wins.

UNLV is demolishing everyone in the Mountain West and apparently Dana cant beat Rice. Definitely not a guarantee

Not seeing 3 wins. UNLV is really scrappy and they have all kinds of athletes on offense. Maybe beat Rice. That’s about it.

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We’ll fluke one out as well. After all we’ll be a trap game for everyone on our schedule. Plus most of the teams we’ll play won’t be used to playing in front of 10k fans so it’ll probably be tough for them to get up for the game lol

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Yes! The new home field strategy!

Empty the stadium of fans to lure the visiting team into an apathetic coma of disinterest!

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I said four wins, maybe five and after sleeping on it I’m not changing my mind. I think we beat Rice, Utah, Baylor and Iowa State. We have a chance vs TCU but not a big one. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Yea, I figure we’ll win a game we are not supposed to. On the road we’d have no chance but maybe at home we pull it off.

Then again I thought we’d beat Cincinnati so what do I know? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Now with nobody in the stadium during the home games, I wonder if the construction team can continue working on the addition while the game is going on.

Maybe, we can be can now have the construction done by the first home game in 2025!


I’ll say 3-9, and I feel I’m being optimistic.

Really tough schedule overall. It’s why we need to drop rice later after 2027 and have ACU and ncneese st or La Monroe and start the A&M route of 2 very easy a year bc we have 10 tough games next yr and for the foreseeable future.

Lsu just played ga state for ex.

I’ll guess 6 and 6 next yr hoping the ball bounces our way

Notice they each have 2 for sure easy wins and not a rice game which for us is tough. They built 2 easy ones bc the rest is tough like our slate

Get rid of rice after 2027

And no utsa either

Lsu also played army so 3 easy ones.

We have to play 9 conf and 1 p5 so it’s 10 tough ones a yr so the least we can do is get 2 easy games that are for sure wins. The sec plays 8 conf and usually 1 p5 so they usually have 9 tough ones and 3 easy ones non conf.

With next yrs schedule, a new coach would struggle also . Just sayin .

Prob best we get new coordinators and try that

No GOOD coordinators are going pair up with a dead man walking……just not.


That’s our hope. But legendary trader and statistician Victor Niederhoffer once said, “no change in price is always the mathematical choice.”

I think there’s some reason to believe that we’ll be about the same on defense next year.

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