Predict a coaching change

Only parameter is it has to be to a college program. More than one is ok. Horizon is five years. Any time between now and 2027.

Musselman to Kentucky (the only reason other than I think he’ll have great success at arky, is because he’s from Ohio. And I think Cal is going to retire in the next three to five years.

So difficult because we’re just throwing darts to the board and hope they stick. Hmmm… I would say Bill Self either retires soon or tries the NBA before calling it a career within the next year or two because he doesn’t have anything left to prove at the collegiate game. His replacement could be someone like Scott Drew out of Baylor. I thought about them being in the same conference and then I remember that Muss is in the SEC with Calipari also.

Ron Hunter to a P5 school in the next five years. Feel like hes really deserving of the opportunity. Wouldnt ve shocked to see a school like Ole Miss take a swipe at him.


In regards to Bill Self, It wouldn’t be smart for any coach to change from the collegiate level to the Pros. The 2 levels contradict each other so much in my opinion. In the collegiate level, a coach has way more say so in how the player develops and is teaching these players to be grown men but it’s like once you get to the Pro level…it’s all about Ego driven players that call the shots on the team more than the coaches themselves, you have players believing they are in some fashion show walking to the locker room, players missing time for minor injuries. If I was a successful coach at the college level, I would stay far away from the Pros…


Agreed……probably sooner.

I like Ron Hunter and he plays a great style for an emerging program - a la Art Briles.

I do think he will elevate because he knows his niche and when you find a system that works you just keep replicating it to a higher level.

As far as Drew goes I don’t know if he’s still a northerner at heart. He knows he can win it all where he’s at. I know Kansas is great but can they afford to buy him away from the entire Baptist contingent in the state of Texas?


I like Hunter too but I like “Grandpa” more. Hoping Sampson stays around three more years


Get a little annoyed with his sideline demonstrations but I think he has grown up some. I think we have a lot to do with his maturation as a coach.

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