Predict Cincy score

UH 42
Cincy 10

42-24 Houston wins.

Houston 28-13

52-17 Coogs

I like this one or maybe tack on an extra field goal for Cincy to make it 42-27 Houston wins,

Cougars 28
Bearclaws 14

UH wins. I believe that Gunner Kiel ain’t their quarterback anymo.

UH 45
Cincinnati 28

I think it’s close early on since it’ll be our first road game. Expect a few pre snap penalties because of crowd noise. We finally get our interior run game going and our pressure starts to bother their QB as we take control in the 2nd half, pulling away to win 41-27

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I think they won’t have an answer for our defense after the 1st qtr.

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38-14 Good Guys.

My prediction is we are gonna knock both their QBs out of the game.

Coogs buy their own hype and lose 24-21.

UH 49
UC 33

LOL! That was a joke, right?

Catalon’s breakout game…three touchdowns.

He predicted that we would get blown out by OU (bad feeling about the game), so maybe he is sticking with what has worked.

UH. 40. we get a safety
UC 13

Coogs get ahead early and quiet the crowd…

UH 38
Cinn 17

Go Coogs!

Houston 38 Cincy 6…WHO RULES!!!

T-Moar, someone forgot to tell you…We fired Levine…

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