Predict New Ranking

So it’s possible we get back in the top 10 of the AP. Here is the shake up above us where we could jump.

  • #12 Ole Miss losses to #22 Arkansas to get their 3rd loss.
  • #9 Tennessee destroyed by Alabama
  • #8 Wisconsin beat in OT by #2 OSU

I think we jump Ole Miss and Tennessee for sure, possibly not Wisconsin. Not too worried about teams behind us jumping us. #14 Florida St barley beat Wake Forest. #15 Boise St is leading late right now, but it’s close. #16 and #17 lose. #18 Florida dominates a bad Mizzou team, nothing special. #19 is OU. West Virginia is sill undefeated, but haven’t beat anybody great.

I will go with #11 in AP.

10 in both.

11 in both.

I think the Top 7 remain unchanged.

Ohip St

After that, Baylor and Nebraska as 8 & 9.

In the 10-15 range, it will be interesting. I think you’ll see

West Virginia
Florida St

We should be near the top of that list.

Some interesting games this week:

A&M - Bama
NC St - Louisville
Wisconsin - Iowa
Memphis - Navy
TCU - West Va
Ohio St - Penn St
OU - Tech
Ole Miss - LSU
Arky - Auburn
Miami - Va Tech

Only one that I really care about (other than our game).

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You should be paying attention to Boise State.

I’ll say 11.

We aren’t making a NY6 bowl without winning our conference. We aren’t winning our conference without Memphis beating Navy. Who cares what happens to Boise; they’re undefeated and ranked behind us. BYU isn’t going to bump them enough.

11 in coaches 12 in AP.
Great achievement

BYU v Boise on thursday.

Lets go BYU.

I think BYU is going to roll Boise.

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