Predict our record going into the Texas game

UTSA is ranked higher than any team we play before UT.

With that said, since we play opener at home and TT on the road, I will go with TT as our only loss before UT game. (5-1). UT will likely be 4-2 with losses to Bama and OU.

I predict I’ll be at the game no matter our record.

It’s Texas.



4-2 if we win the games we should win.

This is the way.

So, the other Pearland would say 4-2?

I say 4-2. With the 2 losses coming from UTSA, TCU, or TT.

I believe we can beat WVU.

I’ll be there because the Coogs are playing.

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We will lose to Rice and UTSA, both have proven QBs

Curious, what poll are you seeing with UTSA above Tech and TCU?

uh oh…