Predict the Coogs' First Offensive Play vs. OU

A. Bubble Screen to a WR
B. Swing Pass to RB Out of the Backfield
C. Run / Sweep
D. Draw (RB or QB Run)
E. Go Deep…It’s a Bomb

Or, something else? Predict your own first play. I’m getting old and my memory is fading, but I seem to remember that CDH threw the ball downfield. He did not run much for three yards and a cloud of dust, and he did not dink and dunk with a short passing game when he could have the QB throw lasers downfield for sixty yards and a TD.

On September 1, 2019, when I am sitting in Norman, OK at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, what will be the first play I see to start the CDH era?

Go Coogs. Peace.



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I like the way you think! The bomb - for a TD!


I’m going to go with an end-around to Bryson Smith with an option to pass.


I think we throw deep off of some sort of action, play-action or fake a swing pass.

My second choice would be some razzle-dazzle play.


Zone read


To set the tone, but at the same time play it safe I think (E).

They could jump the route for a swing pass. So too risky.

They would expect a run, thus crush it and get momentum. Throw it Deep!

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RPO in some form.


E without a doubt. Drop one in to Stevenson.



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I’m going to agree with @originalcoog57. RPO with King either completing a 12 yard out route for a first down, or keeping it for a gain of 5.

Just to get the jitters out of the way the first play will be a quick short pass to a WR on the line of scrimmage.

I know it is in CDH DNA to want to go deep and score on every play, but being on the road in a hostile environment, you want positive yards on the first play, so probably up the middle with Carr. Depending on field position, after moving the chains, I could see going down field. We have an offensive line that may be able to move their young front. If it is close at half, look for the Coogs to take the air out of the ball.

Totally agree. Build some confidence and let ‘er rip!

We have two brand new guards and a center who has never played center at the college level. I’m thinking this may be a bit optimistic, especially for the first game of the season, but I hope you’re right. A good, reliable running game is essential to winning at the highest level.

I don’t think sweeps or side to side running plays will work well against OU, they are too fast and talented on D for that, IMHO. I think we will line up with a rather safe short pass or TE drag called, but may change once DK sees how the D is lined up.

PC between the guards

Run Carr up the middle let’s see what they’ve got.

C we run it first get a 30 run and then pass on second play.