Predicting Score of UH vs Tulane game

Houston-- 77
Tulane. – 56

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75-48. Game shouldn’t be close after the first 4-5 minutes of play


I think Tulane is going fight really hard and win the tip-off, then it’s all Coogs from there. 70-55

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UH 80
Toolame 55


Not sure of the final score…pretty positive Breaon Brady will have two fouls called on him before the tipoff.


Just win and get ready for SMU. The Ponies have their backs to the wall and may be a little spunky


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73-43 good guys

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UH 81
Tulane 54

See KState vs. Baylor last night…somewhere around there but I don’t think UH gets to 100 or Tulane gets to 50

Houston - A lot
Tulane - Not nearly as much

73 - 46. Sasser will hit 7 3s. Grimes will finish with 22 points.



Coogs win 68-52

Just hoping for a low blood pressure type of game.

I’d like to revise my prediction after just learning that Q is sitting out tonight. Sasser will still hit 7 3s, but Tramon is going to drop 18 tonight.

No Quentin Grimes. Time to see what Mark, Chaney, Tyson and company do to step up their game. Tulane hasn’t played in 12 days. Just for grins, I’ll give UH one point for each day Tulane hasn’t played.

UH - 68
Tulane - 56

Serious question…anyone know when the last time we didn’t win the tip?

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What a weird announcing crew ESPN chose for this game.