Predicting the Rice MOB Halftime Show

I assume it’s going to be some sort of Big 12 spoof, right?

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I’ll probably miss it. Beer is considerably more important than the mob.


Has to be. I also imagine they’ll throw a plea for AAC membership in at the end. Say what you will about the MOB, but they typically bring their A game in situations like this.

I had heard it is a 9/11 thing…so probably no spoofs

9/11 would definitely NOT be a laughing matter.

If it’s that…then I hope that it’s appropriately solemn and reverent.

That said…a Big 12 spoof would be refreshing!

Both bands could then unite for a 9/11 remembrance.

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If they turn towards our fans and play the cougar fight song, they will play mickey mouse after we shout “Eat em up, Eat em up, go Coogs go.” They have done that a couple of times through out the years.

I think a 9/11 tribute is a given, but I think a light hearted ribbing would be nice, especially after a heavy moment.

The Mob sucks


There is not much subject matter that the Mob won’t touch. Get ready !
Go XII Coogs!
Beat Rice !

It really isn’t though. Every time I see one their halftime shows, I think " That’s the stupidest thing I have ever seen." Until I watch the next one and then go, “No wait, THAT’S the stupidest” And it goes on and on like that.


Expect them to do something strange; honor victims of 9/11.

The Mob + 9/11 Anniversary is a bad combo. I hope they do it right but I am glad I won’t be there to witness it should they Owl it.

Like SNL, the MOB used to be funny. That said, I am guessing that Covid is predictable enough to be in the script somewhere.

Will never know. I make it a point to leave the stands when they are on the field

Many years ago, when I played in the Rice band, we were more interested in making fun of almost everything. We were never trying to dominate the field, we were there to enjoy the time and make people think. Most of the band members were extremely intelligent and I noticed that many of them were weird, too. We always had a great time and lots of fun. I don’t know but I don’t think Rice gives scholarships for music.

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So what did the MOB do for this Saturday’s halftime?

I was there and all I remember was a top 10 list of buckets…the ice bucket challenge was like no. 10

That’s lame.

They may have done something more…but I lost interest quickly and went on a beer run

Are you remembering a different year? This year they did a whole Pac-Man take on college life and then threw a shot at us going to the XII haphazardly at the end. (It was not good.)