We’re going to have our hands full. Big test for our new defense.


" When does Jalen Hurts get selected?

Round 1

Hurts looked like he turned the corner last year as a passer. He only threw 70 passes last year at Alabama but completed 51 of them (72.9%) at a gargantuan 10.9 yards per attempt with eight touchdowns and two interceptions. He threw with more decisiveness and accuracy than his first two seasons at Tuscaloosa. The rushing element was still a part of his game (36 rushes for 167 yards and two touchdowns) but the timidness he showed on certain downfield throws as a freshman and sophomore had almost fully disappeared in 2018.

And now he’s in Lincoln Riley’s Heisman and No. 1 overall pick producing Air Raid offense, an attack that owns the second (Kyler Murray), third (Baker Mayfield) and fourth (Baker Mayfield) best passing efficiency seasons in college football history. Also, he’s throwing to first-round talent CeeDee Lamb and big target Grant Calcaterra. The Sooners will have four new starters on the offensive line but don’t expect Hurts to be pressured much in the Big 12, and if anything, a less-than-stellar blocking unit will provide him plenty of opportunities to display his athleticism as a scrambler.

Hurts didn’t look like an NFL quarterback two years ago. He flashed in 2018 and is primed for a humongous season in Norman which will vault him into the first round to a team ready to make the move to an Air Raid system (or at least adopt some of its principles) in 2020."

I am a lot more worried against their running game…

Jalen Hurts will throw a couple interceptions!!


Correct if we can’t stop the run, we have no chance. If they are gashing our defense, 6 or 7 yds per carry for example, then Hurts can do as he pleases. Stop the run and pressure qb = a win


You have to try and force Hurts to scramble/run to his left.


" Predicting the overreactions, Week 1

Oklahoma took a step back on offense: I’m on record picking Jalen Hurts to win the Heisman Trophy, Lincoln Riley to win Coach of the Year and Oklahoma to win the national championship. I’m clearly high on the Sooners, but I’m also prepared for a clunky start to the season. Kyler Murray and last year’s offense was historically dominant, so I’m imagining there might be just a little bit of drop-off out the gate with four new starters on the offensive line and a new starting quarterback. I don’t expect anything that could jeopardize Oklahoma’s chance to win, but a few too many false starts, some timing issues with the receivers and other execution issues could lead to wild overreactions regarding Hurts and the 2019 Sooners’ offense."


Most of Hurt’s stats came in garbage time after the first team had big leads.

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Interesting … he picks Hurts to win the Heisman and OU the big Enchilidad … HOWEVER it could all go for naught if OU’s untested OLs turn into flops and they start the season with a lot of false starts.

Two other key observations …

Oregon vs Auburn (Dallas) … if Oregon loses then that is pretty much the season for the Pac12 as the ducks are their only hope for any playoff spots

Whether Kendal Briles is a fraud or not will depend on whether the noles can put away a good BoiseSt team …

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I think the biggest overreaction of them all is everyone just assuming OU’s defense is going to be vastly improved from last year while also assuming ours is not. This article didn’t, but the next time someone mentions the Army game in connection with this year’s defense before a single game is played, I’m going to start throwing things. OU’s defense has no better chance of stopping our offense than our defense has of stopping theirs.

Also, I think the chances of Jalen or anyone else beating out Trevor Lawrence for the Heisman are slim to none.


Almost put up or shut up time for everybody.
Jalen is the real deal and he can throw the ball.
UH has some hosses and will surprise a lot of folks. Will OU be surprised? My guess is not this year but we can hope.

Instead of UH worrying about Jalen Hurts, maybe it should be OU worrying about D’Eric King!


Grab a Sandwich and your Pringles. UH will show you Sunday what they will do. National Media, College Football world, and everyone in between will be surprised late Sunday.

Jalen Hurts have King still on his mind…from High School!


I don’t think OU will be surprised. They will be ready for us and will have no excuses after we beat them.


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Between dd’s POLYANNA hype and those of his pals … I doubt there will be any polyweed left by Thursday!!!


Dave, I don’t need any kind of weed; I’ve been on a Cougar High for over 40 years.


Yeah save your energy counting those water towers … ya remember where to park now and your sneeking way of leaving the stadium through those backroads of yours???

Sunday night is Davy’s Night…to be a Pollyanna. All Aboard, Davy!!!

Enjoy the ride!


The Houston Cougars are 4-0 vs top 10 opponents, since 2009. Thinking we wont be ready is crazy.


dd going bonkers smoking his polyweed …

Like I stated he will be out of polyweed before Thursday … at this rate …

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Hey, Coach V, any chance of you grubbing around that old Corvair for the retired Black Orb?