President's Khator's Fall Address

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President’s Fall Address

Lot of good info; this one was intriguing though:

Now it is time that we set our eyes on the next destination, i.e., membership in the Association of American Universities or AAU. The requirements for AAU are both quantitative and qualitative.

The good news is that we meet or exceed the minimum threshold held by the current members in all of the categories.

The bad news is that the minimum threshold is no longer sufficient. AAU expects new institutions to enter at a much higher level of performance than those grandfathered in.

While we have a significant distance to travel in each of these areas, we have achieved the entry level threshold in one category, number of National Academy Members, and are close to achieving it in two areas – number of doctoral degrees awarded and number of post-doctoral appointments.

Our productivity on doctoral degrees has grown consistently each year. This year, we awarded 366 degrees in 45 disciplines. The number of post-doctoral appointments now stands at an impressive 258!

UH president sets goal of improving the college’s Third Ward neighborhood
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“Our engagement in Third Ward is not purely academic,” she said. “It is with the purpose of empowering the community to transform itself. I urge you to learn about these and many projects currently underway and get involved.”

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