Press Conference: Game 5 vs. UConn

Press Conference: Game 5 vs. UConn


Man he looks tired! Hope he and all the coaches are able to get some rest soon.

Most likely just a little under the weather …maybe allergies !!

Who is the guy that persisted in asking the 4 or 5 back to back LSU questions at the start !!!

I’m sure all these games in a short period of time have taken a toll on him and the rest of the coaching staff. They’re putting in tons of hours in the film room and at practices. Him looking tired is understandable. Allergies might be getting him as well.

If he’s got allergies he’d fair even worse off in Louisiana. That filthy cesspool swamp of a state is nothing but one big allergen.

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He is…the second most interesting man in the world.

To me, the questions being asked by the media are bordering on the monotonous…

I was disappointed that no one ask him about Car’s status this week. Did he really practice or just do some time on the bike ?

Agreed. He mentioned at the beginning of not getting in until 2 am Sunday morning and the coaches coming back at 7 am to prep for UCONN and be ready for practice that night. They were there until 1130 pm and came back at 6 am Monday. Life of a head coach. Hopefully, whatever conference we’re in doesn’t decide to put us on so many Thursday night games in such a short period of time. one a month is probably OK, 2 in 3 weeks is ridiculous and is hard on the coaches and the players.

Then again, if we want the exposure, I’m sure the conference doesn’t have any say in it. TV, TV, TV…

Edit to add: Still watching, he took a time-out at 12 minutes to blow his nose so the allergy reasoning is probably also correct.

Coach Herman teleconference with the Conference:

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