Pretenders not contenders

Painful to say but playoff teams blowout teams like Navy. We deserved to lose. Navy outplayed us in all facets of the game. Hopefully we can still get a NY6 bowl but that may be tough with Boise undefeated.

If we win out, we will be ranked ahead of them, but unless navy losses 2 in conference it won’t matter

I wouldn’t go that far. We’re not there yet. No shame in that. We’re building…this is a step along the way.

Considering Herman is most likely gone next year it hurts even more… hope you are right

One monkey don’t stop no show!

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Navy can lose to Memphis and we beat Memphis. Opens things up.
Anyone that calls this team a pretender is a fool.


Guys, everyone is upset, keep it civil.

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Calling us a playoff pretender, still best team in the AAC in my opinion.

We need to go to a P5 conference. If it’s going to be hard going undefeated when UH is in the AAC may as well go to a P5. At least you could afford a loss and still make it to the playoffs.

Progs…if it was that easy…guess u think not being in a p5 is our choice?

No. But hopefully the Coogs join one soon. Houston is too big of a city not to. I guess the Big 12 is scared UH will poach their recruits which would be true.

Please tell that to Clemson almost losing to FCS Troy.

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Troy is FBS. They’re in the Sun Belt.

Alright, FBS, but so small that I didn’t even know they were FBS. So #3 Clemson is a pretender too then?

No, because Clemson won.

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“playoff teams blowout teams like Navy”

Are you talking about the same thing I am?

Clemson didn’t blow out Troy, actually they should have lost 3 times over if not for poor officiating, yet they are likely going to be in the playoffs. In football is tough as hell to stomp EVERY team.

Navy hasn’t lost to an AAC opponent besides us. They aren’t a bad team.

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The trolls will have their day. Let’s move on.


Navy went 11-2 last year and they are 4-1 this year. That’s a solid football team who has damn good coaches and they had this game circled since we beat them to get into the AAC CCG last year. Bottom line is you can’t lose the turnover battle 3-0 and expect to win.


Way to bring the positive energy here. Geez oh peep. Check on the dog!!

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