Prime to Colorado

UT won a title, so clearly something to it.

CU won their Double OT game against a solid opponent. How did we do in our double OT game again?

CU showed resilience. That was a game they probably should’ve lost but that’s why they play four quarters. Not one or three 1/2 like Dana’s teams do.

Saw this on X, formally known as Twitter. I guess CSU was giving him a second chance but I thought players who are felons, are not suppose to represent your university.

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I was not sold on Prime, but getting Bronny James AND New Edition makes me think the Hype is real

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Wow, ESPN is going to love Big 12 After Dark. The game was aired 7pm PST.

I think everybody tuned it because they wanted to see what was going to happen when Prime lost.

…but we opted to keep Dana…SMH

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Houston wouldve been a better place for Prime and the entertainment aspect as well.

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yeah…he was looking for a Power 5 (preferably a Big 12 Texas school) where he could keep his son as starting QB.

With Tune graduating, we had everything he wanted.

Instead, he opted for a 1 win…downward trending PAC school but I am 100% certain, when he stepped on campus…he stated “get me in that Texas-centric Power Conference ASAP” and they listened


If there are that many celebrities at that game, I bet Yormark will be there.

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Are you being serious?

I tuned in when I got home from our game because there were only like two games on, and this one appeared contested.

Otherwise, could not have cared less.

No. New Edition as a selling point in 2023 is an odd one. Snoop is a star but Bobby Brown and New Edition seems like a strange brag.

Coach Prime is the hottest thing in college football. There is an old saying: “The candle that burns the hottest, burns the shortest.”

How long can CP continue this red hot rise?

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Oregon and USC are the next two. This game against Oregon has a chance to break the tv rating record for a regular season game.

Until Hunter and his son leave. He’s beaten a not so great TCU team and almost lost to lowly CO state at home. They have 6 ranked teams left on their schedule and 4 of those are away games. He’s got his work cut out for him, but if he succeeds, he’s legit. Lotta pressure every week, but he’s used to it.

I don’t think he stays there very long either way

I think Coach Prime has opened up a lot of eyes in college football. He has shown with the right coach, you can turn a program around quickly. Every sub .500 P5 team is looking for the next CP.

Even if CP broke even the rest of the season, he has been successful at Colorado. Look at Colorado’s media exposure and the financial windfall from donors. I can’t imagine another coach being that successful in his first year.


I wonder if Coach Dykes is thinking, “WTH 'bout me?”

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