Princeton Review out - UH ranked and listed

Houston universities take top spots in Princeton Review’s 2017 best colleges report

A school across town also ranked highly on a Princeton Review list. The University of Houston ranked No. 3 on the “Top 25 Entrepreneurship: Undergrad” list. UH also appeared on the unranked “Green Colleges” list.

UH and Rice both appeared on the unranked “Best 381 Colleges,” “Colleges That Create Futures” and “Colleges That Pay You Back” lists. Although the main “Colleges That Pay You Back” list is unranked, Rice ranked No. 9 among the “Top 50 Colleges That Pay You Back” and No. 11 on “Colleges That Pay You Back w/o Aid.”

UH Among Best Colleges for Undergraduate Education
UH Featured in Princeton Review’s 2017 “The Best 381 Colleges”

In its profile, The Princeton Review praises UH for being “a world-class research institution and a fixture in Texas education" and “attracting many more bright students to the university.” The book quotes extensively from UH students who were surveyed. Among their comments, the school “provides some of the greatest opportunities in the world.” Students attributed UH’s ideal location in Houston as a strength for both academics and student life—noting UH’s ties to business and industries, as well UH’s proximity to “fun places to eat, party, hang out and exercise.” “If you feel there’s nothing you could do here… you, my friend, are wrong,” said one UH student.