Proposal: US to train Mexican troops to fight cartel

Part of the issue is cartels are nearly parallel governments in some parts of Mexico. We can train 'em, but the central government won’t use 'em.

Mexico’s Long War: Drugs, Crime, and the Cartels | Council on Foreign Relations (

Mexican President Defends His Nonconfrontational Approach To Fighting Drug Cartels : NPR

For the money they make I just don’t see it.

They fear their identity being found out.

There are so many dirty cops, politicians, army officers, etc.

All it takes is one to give a list of the troops participating to the cartels. Sure they will be masked but it won’t matter…they get found out their families will die.

Others see that and absolutely no one will join the forces, trained or not.

The drug trade and cartels will never be ceased….simple supply and demand…no matter how much the border is “closed” or “tightened “ it will not stop….Democratic, Republican…., doesn’t matter.

He//, there were probably more people in the world doing coke when Reagan was president than any other time in history.

We would be training future cartel members, the cartels pay better.


We almost have a fail state on our border. We tried that that, it’s why the cartel are so powerful using military tactics from our armed forces training we taught there military to combat the cartel. Those who learned went to the cartels and trained them. Cornyn needs to learn some history or he is being willing deceitful knowing this has been failed past policy, but got to put something out there for the body politic to chew on. Very good analysis video. He talks about it all.


Exactly. At this point just fight them with what you have

If this proposal passes, I predict three things will happen:

  1. a bunch of US servicemen will get very rich
  2. a bunch of US servicemen will be murdered
  3. all of the above
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