Proud of this program

I only arrived at the half to see we were down 4. I observed the stats and took note of the rebounding and defensive stats. It didn’t look like Cougar stats that we normally strive and win. Watching the first few possessions of the 2nd half I could see the problem, that wasn’t OUR kind of ball. But man did they come out after the TO and show who we are and what we are. For those who don’t like complaining about the officials turn the other way on this one. That was one crooked half. We were playing 5 on 8, missing two star players, our staff and had one point were a +20 in the half. At times having to get multiple stops to get the ball back or watch them get un warranted FTs and having points taken away from us after good offensive possessions.


I’m proud of the program for overcoming so many obstacles to win the game. Winning without Sasser, Mills, HC1 and HC2 on the court was a huge team confidence builder for the future. It gave Shead, Mark and Roberts valuable playing time. Gorham and Gresham were excellent defensively. Equally important was the leadership of Jarreau and Grimes. When tournament time starts they will be important contributors. Team FT shooting was outstanding. The half time adjustments were significant, so kudos to Quannas White.


That timeout really spurred on the comeback and a mindset change. They kicked things into another gear when Mark hit the three to tie things up.

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From what I’ve seen I think Mark is going to have a great season and a great addition to the future of our team. Anyone disagree? If so just look at his play so far.