PUF 2.0

Sounds like there is a strong chance this happens! Win win to appease constituents without a need to amend the constitution and touch UT’s money. After the basketball board decides where we are putting Sampson’s statue we need to all meet up on the satellite board and figure out where president Khator’s is going!


Just read this and it seems it will pass.


Wouldn’t hurt to write a quick letter to your state rep or senator! Go Coogs!


You mean statues of Guy V and Sampson?


All I can say is that a Billion ain’t what it use to be.

Make it TEN billion !!


I still think a constitutional amendment to distribute the PUF throughout all state universities should be the goal. The madcows now have more money that Harvard, for pete’s sake. Not only do UH and TT deserve to have a significant bump to their endowments, but so do several other universities in this state.


This will just lead to more self-dealing in Texas higher education. I doubt any student will walk away from UH, TTU or Texas State with more knowledge in their head as a result their school’s bureaucracy receiving a bigger payday.

This isn’t about bureaucracy. This is about increasing research, especially the federal kind. It’s society in general that can benefit from that kind of research.


Per the article, again it seems it will pass and they mentioned they don’t have to change the PUF and the constitution which to me seems in can if we don’t get the billion etc. So it seems in can if needed in the future but it’s a smart move to get what we need without a lot of drama.


Having doubled our annual endowment will likely raise the profile of our great university drastically and help us push into the top 75 more quickly.


AAU Bound!!!


Check it out, you non-believers. Research requires a multi-year commitment, therefore funds need to be available to sustain it. Research - Universtiy of Houston


Khator will get us in the top50 and AAU. She hasn’t failed so far.


Higher education absolutely involves bureaucracy. The stock lines you spouted off are so vague that they’re meaningless. Suppose any of the schools I mention started to receive an extra hundred million a year in funding from the state of Texas. Who would decide how to allocate that money? College presidents and their underlings. All of their departments would jockey for the extra money so they can spend it mostly on frivolous activities and pay raises.

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All of what you’re talking about is just an ego boost. Will the rank and file student who graduates from UH walk away with a bigger knowledge base as a result of a bigger budget? Doubtful.

DAYUM…DAT would be KEWL!!!

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Where is your proof of this? Did you even go to the site I linked? I noticed you did not copy the link I referenced, just what I wrote.

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I used to think like you do, but it turns out we are both wrong. In my view, engineering is engineering. It doesn’t matter where you learn it.

But after taking campus visits with my son, I found out, that’s not the case. The extra money obviously provides enough additional benefit that my son was invited to apply for an engineering internship at a top five consulting company as well as for him to apply for an internship at a three letter government agency.

All of this only because the school he was accepted to for next fall and hasn’t even graduated high school has the highest research budget.

$1 billion in endowment is lower than many but more than most, and it has a direct effect on both the education, educational growth, job prospects, and alumni networking.


So what extra knowledge will your son learn in studying engineering at school A than he would at school B? Also, did the “extra money” get your son the chance at an internship or did your son get your son the chance at an internship?

I’ve heard time and time again that we determine “top schools” by the quality of education. It’s not the quality of education so much as the screening process to get in.

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You can go to any public record web site and see what each professor at a Texas public school earns.