Pulse of the Team

Anyone have any word on the pulse of the team right now? A ‘birdie’ told me that the defensive players really dig the staff and several are already familiar with the schemes because they used the same/similar principles in HS. I also heard they will ready to go 8/31.

I didn’t get much about the offensive side of the ball but am confident they’ll be able to move the ball and score.

We’re gonna put up a fight Norman.

OT, I also heard CMA flat out lost the team last year.


CMA lost the team before that.


Is today reporting day? When will we hear who made it in?

I believe it.

I’m sure the defensive is a bit relieved that it isn’t Ed Oliver and the Cougars. Now It’s just the Cougars.

No disrespect to Ed, but I think that is a factor


From what I’ve heard, team is locked in and fired up to get the season going. Lot of kids looking to prove something this season and make names for themselves.


I heard from one of last year’s defensive starters a month ago that the defense was going to be really strong this year. He told me that since CDH arrived the players looked forward to going to practices in contrast to when CMA was there. They are all working hard and Coach Holgorsen doesn’t talk much but when he does everybody listens. I’m very hopeful and positive for this season!


I know a player on offense…very excited about what they will do on offense.