Punk Music

Probably not a hugely popular topic on this board…but these chicks rock! (this was not intended to be a politically-charged post…please leave politics out of the punk thread)



Any details on where this was recorded ? Almost looks like it could be inside MD Anderson library !

We have quite a few punks on here ; not sure why you think otherwise.


The lyrics sound like they were written by 13 year olds. Oh wait!

Not a bad power chord song. A couple of verses would be nice.

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You can literally call them a girl band without offending anyone.

I found this extended recording of them at the L.A. Library. Some pretty good stuff, I really like the bass. Also think their best songs were the ones sung by the tall guitarist.

Jello approves.


Chica rock bands…great topic. A great show back in the day:
'Loved playing Emos