QB Adam Schobel

I miss the Bon Ton.


Used to eat there some while on Fayette County lake fishing trips.

One of my favorite chow stops. Wonder why TCU isn’t recruiting him …they’re TCU Royality

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Because these coaches are rentals. They don’t care about continuing a legacy if he doesn’t fit their mold. I guarantee you their fans have been pounding Dykes about that kid.

I think Schobel will be a good one in time, but let’s remember we have some young guns who have chosen UH that are still developing. Do not underestimate the talent in UH’s QB room.


Well said !
Go Coogs !

This x 1 million

Tony Levine came to my coaches reception for the Showcase and asked Terry Donahue this question, “besides winning what is the most important thing a coach needs to do to stay at a school for a long time?”

Coach Donahue said “sign the absolute best QB you can every year. It doesn’t matter who gets upset, transfers out, you have to bring in a top notch QB every year”.

That from a 20 year UCLA coach and Hall of Famer


Your QB is usually the most athletic player on the team, not all the time but most of the time and mentally strongest.

and part of the reason why ut-austin has cycled through coaches.

UT Austin recruited a lot of great QBs every year.

Unfortunately, they all got moved to Safety.

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I remember a year when UT moved a safety to quarterback and won a national championship. The year was 1963.

Who was that? I know Bill Bradley moved from QB to safety, but he graduated in '68.

Duke Carlisle. A side note, the Baylor game had an all american qb and receiver combo. Late in the 4th quarter UT led 7 nothing, Baylor was driving for the tying score, DKR inserted Carlisle in as safety for the first time that season and he intercepted the Baylor pass in the endzone to secure the win.


Because Bradley got beat out by UT QB legend James Street, or should a say, former MLBer Huston Street’s dad.

Street was better at running the Wishbone. Bradley had a good NFL career, mostly with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Super Bill was recruited before UT adopted the Wishbone offense.

He could not effectively run it, so Bradley switched to safety and James Street became the QB.

As I recall State of Texas had 2 “super” recruits in the 1960’s. Super Bill Bradley and Wondrous Warren McVea.