QB depth after this signing

So we have
Sofiad M (sp)
the new walk on Qb (what do y’all think
About the walk on?)

Based on his film, he seems very talented to me…This young man may have fallen through the cracks, and we got him.


Don’t forget Ike.

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The new walk-on, Cooper LaFebre from Cooper HS in Lubbock, looks to be a good addition and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up on scholarship. His escape ability reminded me of Case in the bowl game against Penn State.

Right now, I am wondering if Kopp will supplant Massoud as the back-up to Tune. Soffian was recruited as an athlete by most schools and he chose us because we gave him the ability to try his hand at QB. Since we never saw him at all in any of the games last year, I wonder if he is progressing as a QB or if he will be moved to another position as either a WR or DB.

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Kopp or Massoud needs to beat out Tune


What if they do not !

Then look for another subpar season.


Or Tune just needs to evolve like most QB’s…don’t write the kid off yet…he does have some qualities but needs to improve on his decision makeing and I think he will…if he gets beat out then ok


But all other QB’s on our roster are much better, if not, then we have too many coaches… on Coogfans !


The roller coaster ride that Tune has taken us on has definitely has been pretty even on its ups and downs. I want to remind the anti Tuners that Clayton has played behind a very average to below average O-Line. The line should be better, therefore giving him a bit more time to go through his progressions. In addition the game has a tendency to slow down as you gain experience. CDH will play the guy who gives The Coogs the best chance to win. I want to win and I could care less who wins the job, as long as we win more games. GOCOOGS!


I think we’ll have a much improved running game as well, which will take some of the load off Clayton’s shoulders.

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Interesting Tidbit of QB Info:

Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes never had a winning record while playing in the Big 12. In 2014, his team’s Big 12 record was 2-7; in 2015 his team’s conference record was 4-5; and in 2016 his team’s conference record was 3-6. So, Patrick Mahones overall record (in 3 years) in Big 12 games was 9-18.

So according to some posters here on Coogfans, it’s right to conclude that he’s not any good as a QB and that he must be replaced right away…wonder what he’s doing these days…washing cars?

Well maybe so, since he won himself a free 2019 Genesis G70 as MVP at the 2019 ProBowl…


The logical conclusion. Mahomes sucks


Apples and Orangutans


The argument that he has played behind a less than stellar O-line is tired. UH has not had a great O-line recently, and it is doubtful we will. Time to find a guy that can play without that excuse.

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The reality that football is an 11 on 11 game seems to be lost on some folks on here.

No doubt that some of these same type of folks were busy posting similar critical comments about Mahomes on the Texas Tech boards a few years back. They just don’t seem to get it.


I don’t think the issue was offense at Tech

NCAA statistics Year Team GP Passing Comp Att Pct Yds TD Int
2014 Texas Tech 7 105 185 56.8 1,547 16 4
2015 Texas Tech 13 364 573 63.5 4,653 36 15
2016 Texas Tech 12 388 591 65.7 5,052 41 10
Career 32 857 1,349 63.5 11,252 93 29


Well, the last & greatest year that QB Mahones had at Tech was in 2016 when he finished Big 12 play with a 3-6 record - averaging just 38 points/game while his team gave up 45 points/game.

And so by comparison, last year in a COVID shortened 7 game regular season, UH QB Tune finished with a 3-4 record - averaging just 32 points/game while his team gave up 32 points/game.

So if you are going to try to put the entire 11 on 11 man game result on just the QB, then it looks like UH’s QB Tune had a better record and played his opponents much closer than did TT’s QB Mahones in his last & best season in Lubbock. But, yeah Mahones did score ~6 more points per game - in a hurry-up offense - while losing by ~7 more points per game.

So going faster to score a few more points/game only to lose by 7 more points/game - that’s better? Really?

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So Tune is as good as Mahones? Okay then


His point is that it’s a team game. So stop pinning everything on Tune. He’s a good player.