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Who do you guys think will win the backup QB spot? My guess is Sof. I really love his attitude and he’s really a gamer he has that IT factor. Do you think we bring anyone in from the portal? Dana said that option is not off the table. Also Tune is looking a lot bigger and stronger. Idk how’s he’s throwing so those who went to practice how did Tune look?

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What do you mean?

Kmoney, Massoud has supposedly looked pretty good this Spring…and the new transfer kid who played some QB at Minnesota has to figure in because he has experience, and in the B1G…I feel comfortable with those 2 backing up Tune. Like you, i would like to know how Tune himself has looked…Hope we get some feedback from those in the KNOW pretty soon.

The new guy said he was here to be a TE.

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He can say what he wants, but if Tune gets hurt, you think we will play a freshman QB with ZERO playing time or experience when we have an experienced player who had some success as a QB in B1G? KEY is for Tune to stay healthy AND productive next season.

One of those freshmen QBs could throw more passes in a series than Green threw in his career at Minnesota.


Every year we see some true freshman QB start somewhere and play pretty well. We also see some true freshman QB start somewhere and play pretty poorly. You never can tell after a spring training camp. If the QB’s are good enough to figure it out, they can focus on what they learned they need to work on in the spring to hone those things for the fall by working and studying all summer. All freshmen are not created equal; but, they are all still freshmen.

I’m guessing that maybe he didn’t want to be a part-time pass catcher/part-time wildcat QB.

His best chance of getting into the NFL is probably as a TE, like Bryson Smith as a WR.

He needs catches. He needs numbers to get interest.

My guess is that he’ll never line up as QB.

Also, reports on Massoud have been good. I would rather have someone who practices as QB take over if Tune is hurt than someone who takes a half-dozen snaps a week for some trick play.

Yes that is more likely. For a TE or WR having played QB is a major advantage. We want him to be healthy and produce as a TE. We desperately need multiple looks that we offer the defense. This is how offensively dominant we will be. I mentioned it before and this goes always first IMO. That is the OL.

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