Quarterback question

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I’m watching the game, I know Tune is our starter, but I am wondering about the depth order, grade, and eligibility left for:
But especially for:

I ask, because I vaguely remember the latter local boys being highly touted a few years ago. To be honest, I had never heard of Ogbogu until last week’s game, I also haven’t been on Coogfans since the Final Four.

I’m not trying to stir the pot, but I am seeking clarification on those after Tune.

Thanks, Go Coogs,


I hope we get to see what Massoud can do in this game.


Ike is #2.

Edwards is #3.

Massoud is #4.

Kopp probably redshirts.


Ike is listed as a junior.
Edwards is listed as a sophomore xfer.
Massoud is a RS freshman–four years to play still.
Kopp is a true freshman.

I don’t think Kopp will see the field under any circumstances. I don’t know about Massoud or Edwards.


We might need to have a serious discussion on who the #1 QB is.


Short answer…time for another QB.


There is a large contingency of us who have been raising that question for nearly two years now. Our starting QB is a guy that gets easily flustered and when he does he throws an ungodly amounts of INT’s! His mistakes have killed us many times, with lots of winnable games that we ended up losing because of his mistakes. And it’s not just his INT’s that have hurt us, but also his inability to see the entire field and missed on noticing wide open receivers. I hope the kid does great for us, but I also hope the head coach should always allow opportunities for other guys to prove themselves instead of shutting the doors of opportunities for them simply because he thinks he has his guy and he’s out there to prove it. If he continues to close the doors of opportunities then there is little incentives for the other QB’s to try to get better and work harder, which would be a crying shame!


The starter has had major issues with turnovers in his career and really panics against the blitz. If there is noone else better its not a good reflection on the entire staff in year 3. The schedule sucks so we should win 8 in spite of this but if we face someone with a pulse I won’t be confident in us winning.


Let’s have a vote here.
Vote A: if you think Tune should remain the starter.
Vote B: if you think Ike should take over as the starter.

Hopefully, Dana would see the result of this poll and if he is still unsure of who should be the starter then the winner of this fans poll would cause him to tilt his decision to the fans’ choice.

If Dana is making personnel decisions based on internet polls, then I want him fired.

Stated differently, that’s never going to happen.


Tune shouldn’t start again… He’s.Not.Good.

Give Ike the ball.


Dana would listen to an internet poll. Then do the opposite.

Whatever the future holds, great to see Ike have a moment.

ike is not better than tune….he didn’t see wide open receivers and his deep ball is too deep for the receivers to catch, threw behind open receiver etc….vs better competition he gets sacked and throws 3 ints.

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The only interception was thrown by tune in the game


maybe Dana’s just a ol softie and wanted to let Ike have his moment under the lights….if that’s so, then kudos to him the man earned his right to play vs grambling….but going into conference competition we better be playing with a QB that has all the tools and if tune is out……Navy would be a great spot to see if massoud has what it takes.

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yes, but if we were playing vs someone better than grambling there would have been more….by ike

I spoke with a group of Coogs at the game last night and we were all impressed with how Ike came out. The first 2 drives were a flat Including an interception thrown by Tune. I noticed Tune doesn’t go through his progressions. With Ike we noticed a different feel and we started moving the ball. Yes we played Grambling but Ike was actually going through his progressions at times. Then the run game opened up which was great. Maybe we need a little QB comp again.


Playing a small fraction of what Ike played. Maybe that 3 interceptions is what the other guy referred to had Tune played the entire game?

But Tune played a small fraction of what Ike played and threw an interception in a game against Grambling, the same game in which Ike didn’t throw a single INT, doesn’t that highlight the fact that Ike is a lot less turnover prone than Tune? After all, it’s the same game and opponent.