Quentin Grimes on Gilbert Arenas podcast/Show

45mins. a really good listen

some interesting notes

  • grimes attempting to be a point in the NBA {not be boxed into 3 and D}
  • harden was who convinced him to come to houston
  • the staff (hollis and quannas) held the fact they had been to a final 4 and that the current players hadnt as motivation
  • gilbert gives a lot of advice - grimes doesnt actually talk much
  • sampson tests players on the scouting reports the night before games
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CKS never ceases to amaze me… Quizzing them on the scouting report… Love it!


Interesting about James Harden. Wonder how that dialog got started.

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I think he went to one of hardens camps while in HS

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Harden and Grimes played picked up during the offseason after Grimes freshman year.

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Harden used to be at a few games at the HOF… Saw Matt Bullard and Bill Worrell there, too… And I talked with Tim Hardaway at Coaches in Midtown one time after he was scouting a UH vs. SMU game about 5 years ago.

Dj’s face says it all when Quentin starts to talk about how they studied players weaknesses at UH