Query: IF the Astros win it all

…then should the 2015-2022 Astros be regarded as a “dynasty?”


i think they already are but winning the series again probably builds more credence to that label


Already a dynasty, just look at the regular season results.

Don’t you need more than one title in order to call yourself a “dynasty?”


I think if they win another WS along with 4 appearances in 6 yrs that would be considered a dynasty.

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Yep dynasties are about winning titles. The Yankees and Celtics and throw in the Bulls, come to mind in defining a dynasty.
We have one title since 1962. End of discussion

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But if we win this year, then we transition into the “dynasty” discussion, right?

Law, I think with our current pitching nucleus and players we have a shot at being a dynasty. But right now I would just call us dominate since 2015…
I really think this team has a shot at winning several more titles…

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I think you could make the argument that they’re an AL dynasty, but not an MLB dynasty overall. This is just my absolutely arbitrary opinion, but in my book the “dynasty” discussion starts at 3 rings in 10 years.


Then we’d better win this year AND next year.


Agreed 100%

Need to win this one and maybe another in the next few years.

Not a dynasty at this point.

Dominant in American League……that’s it for now

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Remember, I said IF the Astros win it all this year.

With two MLB titles, do we become a dynasty, or do we definitely need a third?

I personally think they need another in the next few years……assuming they win this one.

One thing that bodes well is that when they don’t win it all they are usually close.

It’s not as though they are missing they playoffs in between WS years.


Four World Series. 2 Championships.

IF they win this year and next, that is one of the greatest runs in baseball history.

The Big Red machine only won 2.

The Swinging A’s won 3.

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Need two championships along with long term success. So I think if we can get one more championship we are a legit dynasty.

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I think it takes 3 championships to be a dynasty. JMO

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At this point, we are close to being the Atlanta braves of the 90s


American league dynasty? Sure. But no we’re still way off the mark for a league wide dynasty. Standard is 3 championships in a five year span. But if we were to win this one we’d been in a decent position to maybe win more and change that.

Yes a loss here would look bad in terms of not winning it all. Bills of the 90s except we did actually win once but with an asterisk. Lol

I look at what we’ve done as super impressive even if we don’t win it all.

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