Question About Jarrace Walker

Does his commitment help us get our foot in the the door at IMG regarding football too?

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I would think not. Only way to get those kids attention is to win consistently and beat top competition. That’s my opinion.


Can’t hurt. Ask Baylor?

I think it highlights how the Big 12 invite is already helping us, but I don’t think his commitment is going to “directly” help our football recruiting.

Basketball and football recruiting two totally different dynamics

Good coach (CDH), good football program with many alumni in the NFL, national exposure, powerful P5 conference (as currently projected, anyway), a chance to win individual awards, and championships (and possibly even contend for a national championship at some point), to name a few things…

What’s not to like? :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sure CDH and the football program will continue to garner greater interest from the 4- and 5-stars prospects.

There are a lot of P5 football teams that are bad to average every year. For example Kansas and Duke are bluebloods in basketball but awful in football and are not highly ranked in football recruiting.

Therefore, the solution to attract high level football talent, is to win, win, win with what you have now.

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