Question About Our 2022-2023 Roster

If my math is correct we have had 13 on scholarship this season, and 5 of them are Seniors.

We have signed 3 for next season’s roster.

Thus 13 - 5 + 3 = 11

Is this right? If so do we assume that 2 new players will be coming as Transfers? And any ideas on which players Sampson may be targeting?

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Sampson likes bringing in transfers that fit, so we’ll likely see some transfers on next year’s team. But we probably won’t have a good idea on who until the season is over and more players start entering the transfer portal.

I would guess we will be targeting an impact big man, and some depth for our bigs and guards. Possibly an impact guard (like Grimes/Edwards) if Sasser isn’t back.

If Sasser leaves we see a PG.

As aforementioned, we may be looking for an experienced big who can make an immediate impact in the paint.


We absolutely need a Guard and a Center.

If Sasser leaves we need 2 guards.

we have 6 playable guards with sasser, not even counting robbie or potential baby brooks …we traditionally only play 5 … if sasser returns (and no surprise transfers) ill be shocked if we bring in another guard

we are bringing in 1 big at least, potentially up to 3 bigs depending on what happens with chaneyy and powell …if we go multiple bigs i woulnt be shocked if one of them is a project not expected to play

sampson has never been greedy in gathering talent, he gets his allotted amount per group and stops recruiting …it was evident this offseason a few months ago

With Sasser we do not need another guard.

We may be able to get away without adding another big but my hunch is we look for a veteran.
Carlton and White being drafted may help convince other bigs this is a great place to be in the future.

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On the podcast with Rothenstien CKS said he likes to have 5 guards and 4 bigs that can play at our level.

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Our 4 Bigs next season are Walker, Roberts, Francis, and Powell.

Our Guards are Shead, Arcenaux, Sharp, and Walker. Right?

If Sasser and Marks return we have a good roster, but not 13 deep.

I don’t see Carlton or White getting drafted but I believe that the renaissance that Carlton has had this season bodes very well for our standing with bigs in the portal.


Sampson loves having a older team
Next season will be

Roberts 4th year in program
Powells 3rd year
Francis 2nd year
J Walker 1st year

Sassers 4th year
Marks 3rd year
Sheads 3rd year
R walkers 2nd year
Arrceanaux 1st year
Sharps 1st year (only participating in non contact drill this semester, timeline to participate in contact drills is April)

I could see armbrester redshirting next year.
Could we see Sampson bring in a highly touted big who is a sophomore via the portal?


Both are moving their way into the draft.

Roster projection is more complicated due to the covid redshirt year. There are five “seniors” but only three—White, Carlton, and Moore—run out of eligibility this year. That said, the conventional wisdom is that at least Edwards will also leave. It is possible that there may be attrition at the end of the roster too. I’d assume a backup PG/combo transfer will be a priority, particularly if Sasser also leaves early. Of course, the team won’t have any targets until they see who is in the portal at the end of the year.

It would be wise for Edwards AND Sasser to come back. Sasser definitely needs to come back. Fully healthy, he’s barely a second-round pick for 2022 IMO. Edwards getting drafted? I don’t see it and certainly not after this year. To me, unless you’re a bonafide draft pick or simply just ‘need’ the money, any collegiate eligibility you have needs to be exhausted to the fullest as long as your coaching staff has a spot for you. Armoni got poor advice by leaving early and thinking he was gonna get drafted. He was able to still work his way into the NBA, but that timeline coulda stil been the same had he stayed that extra year. He probably woulda been at least a high second round in 2020, Covid notwithstanding. I’ve heard people debate he was willing to play anywhere as long as he was making money, which is why he ultimately chose to leave. I don’t know if I believe that. I think he thought he was gonna get drafted. Sasser and Edwards need to come back, too.


Brooks left because his value wasn’t likely to change with another season.

White has significantly upgraded his value.

Sasser is a tough one. I think his skill set is what it is regardless of coming back. His issue is the timeline of the injury and his value depreciating until he comes back and shows is is healthy and doesn’t lose a step.If his eyes are on the NBA I think he needs to return.

Of the players who have left the one who made a mistake is Hinton. He could have significantly expanded his game with shooting and ball handling


It’s Tramon Mark not Marks

You also have to factor in that Edwards will be 23 this May.

Most NBA prospects enter the league before age 21.

Kyler isn’t a great athlete. But he plays tough defense, shoots pretty well, good passer

He’s probably not an NBA player, but he’s a pro. Either G League or a high level league overseas.

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edwards is gone… he’s made like 6 direct or indirect posts on social media that he is done, one as early as 2 weeks ago

sasser has already said he’d most likely be back based on NBA stuff… he is only leaving with a good NBA grade and/or a team promises theyd draft him…so he is most likley back

the biggest mystories are Chaney (Sampson not a fan of 5th-year players in the same program, Chaney himself has not made his intentions known) an Powell (for obvious reasons)


What do you mean about Sampson not a fan of five year players on same team ? And how does that apply to Chaney ?

sampson not a fan of having a player coming back for their 5th year eligibility especially if it’s on the same team.
from an interview: Gorham wanted to comeback and was unsure of his decision, he said he would have come back had sampson wanted him too… sampson told him to go “you have to start the next part of your life”

no direct interview with gresham, but the way his situation played out you can tell it was something similar . would have certainly been back if sampson wanted it

chaney is in an identical situation to goeham … chaney would be on his 5th year of eligibility if he comes back

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Gorham played 2 seasons at Towson, sat out 1 year. And played 2 years af UH.

Good on Coach Sampson for giving him wise advice to turn pro.

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