Question about seat numbering

I figured I would get a faster answer in this group than emailing the ticket office. They have bigger things to worry about than my dumb question.

I am in section 128. I have 5 seats, but dropping to 4. I want to keep the 4 closest to the 50 yard line. Does anybody know which direction the seat numbering goes? I never pay attention. I just sit down and try to enjoy the game. Is seat 1 closer to section 127 or 129?

Thank you.

Seat 1 would be closer to 127.

You are still going to have to call the ticket office to drop a seat when you try to renew…so you can confirm with them.


Thank you

If you have any problem with the ticket office - and you PROBABLY WILL, call Cougar Pride; they will help you!

You know, I hear all of these stories of hassles with the ticket office, but I have never had a problem with them except for one glaring time when they relocated my seats in the HOF – without contacting me – because one of the coaches wives wanted mine – which I had had for about 36 years. I sat on the aisle 6 row from the bottom, up from where Dena Lewis always sat. I raised hell about it, writing letters to Dr. Khator and the AD. What really hacked me though is that those seats were never used.

In the end my new seats, about 8 rows behind my old seats, were comped and I was sent a basketball autographed by CKS and a UH flag.

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Every year for the past five years the ticket office has messed up my tickets somehow.

BTW, red80 I was the guy who was talking to you before the OU game up in the shade last season…don’t think I ever said hi to you on here.

Faison Bragg is my contact in the ticket office. I couldn’t ask for a more responsive individual. Every time I read about ticket office woes, I am thankful he is my account representative.

No telling what the future holds for the ticket department short term, but if things get tough there, if there is any one person who needs to be retained, he is that person.

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