Question For Coogdom?

The guy said 6-10 wins and winning a national title within 15 years! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::rofl::roll_eyes:

I don’t have 15 years to wait. We need to win now.

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What you describe is basically Auburn and increasingly, FSU. If we could achieve that, then most of us would be satisfied. Not everyone can be Bama, OSU, UGA, Oregon and Michigan.

The question is, do we believe that CDH is the long term answer? The other question is, do we have time to find out? I don’t believe we can afford to waste more time trying to figure out what CDH can do. At this point, his record speaks for itself. He is too old to change his ways. Therefore, if we are not happy with the outcome, then we should move on to a new coach.

For whatever reason, it appears our leadership is content with firing the DC (which is justified) and maybe hiring an OC to fix it. What sort of power will these individuals have? Who is going to recruit? Do they have connections to high schools in Cy-Fair, Alief, Mo City, Aldine, etc.? What about NIL?

We all know that CDH is not going to do any of these things. In fact, a lot of HCs don’t do this stuff. They get assistants to do it because they don’t want to be involved. There are several reasons for that; some are to maintain a semblance of authority, some of it is due to comfort (i.e., racial/ethnic issues), some to more nefarious reasons (i.e., payments to players families and plausible deniability at HC level).

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With all the rumblings, who could Dana realistically recruit to be DC or OC?


UH has invested heavily in facilities: an on campus stadium and a brand new football only facility. Houston is a recruiting hotbed. I do not want UH to be good; I want UH to be great. I want to know UH has everything in place to compete in championships.

So, to answer the question, I am not satisfied with being a “middle-of-the-pack” team with some seasons higher and some seasons lower than average. I am a long-time season ticket holder and donor and I need to know that my money is going to achieve the highest goal, a national championship.


Fans hate Holgorsen, win or lose. They hated him at WVU and he had a winnig record while he was there. Their fans wanted him gone well before we showed interest in hiring him.

I will answer your question with no. Here is why. Realignment is coming like it or not. As soon as the acc starts losing members NOBODY is safe. We do not have fifteen years to establish our program with a solid foundation. We have no choice but to put U of H in the college football spotlight. Stay with mediocrity? How does that make us look when realignment happens?
CDH has proven since he took over that we have no foundation.
Our defense is a mess.
Our offense is erratic at best.
Our special team has to do much better.
Our Coaches do not know how to adjust at half time.
We have so far the worst recruiting strategy in Div I football.
CDH is consistent with calling out his players in front of the press.
CDH is consistent at being a slob at presser.
CDH is consistent at blaming others.
CDH was given plenty of time to assert himself as our leader.
I want 100% to be wrong.

Are you asking if we would accept the occasional losing season in exchange for a string of winning seasons? I would take that. I don’t really have a problem with Dana personally and if he can pull this off, he will have fixed many of the problems currently plaguing the program.

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Let me tell you about a man named Gene Chizik…

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Yes, if I had a tv, to watch the magical season, in my room at Golden Age Manor.

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