Question for the older UH fans

Excuse me, more “mature.” :joy:

Would you call the game against Oklahoma the most important in program history? I think it’s the biggest game since I became a fan in the late 80’s. I was just curious since I wasn’t a fan during the Yeoman era.

No. Not the most important game in program history. It is a big game, but it is not even in the top 3 in the last 5 years. It would fall behind these 3 for sure:

  1. 2015 AAC Championship Game
  2. 2011 CUSA Championship Game
  3. 2015 Peach Bowl vs. FSU

Just thinking about important games and I’d say the 2011 Conference Championship was one of them. If the outcome had been different…


Agree with 2011 CCG. if they had won n then gone to Sugar bowl…don’t think Levine is hired. Set program back again imo. Some really embarrassing gms that we all know which gms they were.

First year in SWC the last game of season against to win championship and go to the Cotton Bowl. But if we beat OU that would be huge.

Thanks for the replies. How about the biggest opening game in program history?

Even though UH was robbed by the Austin referees, the 1968 game in Austin was a key game for the Cougars.

That “tie” against the “mighty” longhorns was key.

Don’t recall all of the circumstances but seemed like UH with Jenkins / Klingler at Texas was a big game. Hope the outcome at nrg is better.

Bill Yeoman’s Coogs vs Michigan State

The 1991 game with us going to Miami was a huge one. Unfortunately, we took a big dump on the field that game, and ended up going from being ranked highly in the preseason to only winning 4 games that year.

I think one of our biggest first game wins of the season was our game on Sept 11, 1976 when we beat Baylor on ABC 23-5. This was our first SWC game and we won the conference and ended up 4th in the final AP and UPI polls. This was my favorite team.

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No…not even REMOTELY close…merely one example…1976, we played undefeated 2nd ranked Texas Tech in November with the SWC championship on the line…winner is going to the Cotton Bowl as SWC champs…national tv game with whole country watching…it doesnt get any bigger than that…and thats just one game.there were others, believe me…


You got it right, Michigan State. UH was virtually unknown until they went to East Lansing and clobbered the Spartans. I lived in Chicago at the time and all of the local media (Chicago’s a BIG BIG homer) were flabbergasted that a bunch of little bitty fast boys from some unknown school could do that to a Duffy Daughtery coached team. It put UH on the map.

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Biggest opener in recent history. It’s tough to compare today to the Yeoman Era. Openers against Texas in '68 and Baylor in '76 (first SWC game) were all really big then.

That was a very well thought of Baylor team that won 7 games that year…They were favored over us and had the lead at half, but we blew them out in 2nd half…Great game, and hottest game i have ever been to…

Forgot the Texas game was their opener, our second game. We were #11, and the Longhorns were #4

Aside from championship games or bowl games… given where we are as a program today and what this would do if we win, in my opinion this one is pretty big for a regular season game. Yea I know it doesn’t mean squat as Herman points out in the grand scheme of things, but in a lot of other ways - attention, media, beating a very good P5 team, etc etc… this game is huge.

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I was at this game.

This is a very big game. But in reality it is no different than any other game against a ranked opponent. This isn’t for a title or trophy, it is merely a chance to get some attention and be undefeated another week. The only consequence for losing this game is a dip in the polls and less media hype. We would lose a chance at a national title but if that were the criteria for biggest game ever then every game is the biggest game ever. We would still have a conference title on the table as well as a NY6 game on the table.

If we win this game, It would be the BIGGEST Win, IMO, in Coogs history…simply because it will set the tone for UH to have an opportunity to go to the playoffs…Not to mention the fan support we would get if we go undefeated. This game indeed, is VERY important in terms of being relevant NOW to this generation.

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