Question for the Trump/Maga fans

How many pieces of Trump or Maga merch do you have? Stickers, flags, shirts, hats, etc.

Follow up question, is that amount more or less than your UH merch?

(Just an informal survey)

Not the question you’re asking but I’ve only had one sticker/shirt/hat/sign in my life. I had Bush/Cheney sticker in 2004 election on my truck. That was my second election.

Nothing since. Been pretty lukewarm on everyone and probably wouldn’t do it even if I really liked someone. I did really like McCain though.

I gave like $5 to John Kasich and they mailed me a sticker but I didn’t want the sticker. Only other person’s merch I got was Kinky Friedman when he was running for Governor.

Oh and I have countless UH merch.

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I did really like Kasich but he never had a chance. I’ve voted for him in 2 presidential elections though.

I had a McCain sticker in 2000.

I had a lot of Reagan / Bush stuff…I bet that doesn’t come as a big surprise.

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No political stickers or flags displayed on my property.

As UH stuff, I need to clean out the closet. Probably got 30-50
Tshirts, shirts , jackets, sweat shirts, etc and 8-12 baseball caps.

PS -I was at campus bookstore last week checking out the legacy/retro line of stuff.
While I like the designs, they did not have anything in my size left. Picked up the
new truckers cap, but was not really thrilled with the quality of the material in the
retro line.

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Pretty much I wear is red. Lol

That was some top notch merch though!

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Too much UH merch and I will get more for Christmas…lol.

Political, none. I did buy my kids Reagan/Bush vintage t shirts about 10 years ago.

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I forgot, I had one of those too. I may still have it. Lol

Zero Trump merchandise. Lots of coog gear.

I literally own zero political merch.

Because I’m not an insane person.

I laugh, laugh, laugh at MAGAts who use the popularity of boat parades as some sort of referendum on the “stolen election”.

He’s a person, not a god. Not any god. And a Person Of Suspicion at that.

Folks will avoid you if you wear a MAGAt hat. It brands you as unreasonable.

I might be unreasonable by wearing Cougar football gear tho,…

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