Question On Holgorsen/Cauthen

Perhaps I missed discussions on it but is there any prior connection between Holgorsen and Cauthen? They don’t appear to be on prior staffs together.

Just curious on how it came to be.

Nope, one reason I really like the hire. Reminds me of CTH hiring of Orlando.


I did not see any connection to where they were on the same coaching staff.

I am playing the wait and see game. I will wait and see if they were both good hires. I know the offense will at least be good enough to win, but will the defense be on the field so much that fatigue sits in in the 3rd quarter. So I will wait and see.

According to this article from JD…there was no connection.

UH coach Dana Holgorsen had no previous history with Cauthen and had simply heard his name in coaching circles. What Holgorsen did know was Cauthen’s reputation for overseeing a physical, attacking style of defense.


Exactly. This is the defense I want to play who is doing it well at a lower G5? Go get them and hand them the keys.



CDH is not going to run our guys just to run them. His offense is closer to Herman than it is Briles in that it has varying tempo. The offense wont be sprinting to the line after every whistle but if he senses that doing so is very advantageous, they’ll get the signal. What also sets him apart from Briles and Herman is that if he goes to the well on consecutive plays (even 3 times in a row) he KNOWS it’s going to be there (work). That’s what truly separates him from Briles running into those 10 second 3 and outs-sustainable offense. I think people forget how special CDH is as a play caller.


Thank You, Dan!..But Applewhite got advice from a Guy who wanted his job…HUGE Mistake!!!

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No. Applewhite hired an unemployed guy no one wanted. BIGGER mistake!!


If you watch the highlights from the WVU/ OU game last year, then you see why the DC was not brought here. I lost count of how many big plays OU had of greater than 30 yards for TD’s. It reminded me a little of our game with Tech last year, but worse.

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